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Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic converter replacement is one of the most important car maintenance tasks that every car owner has to carry out some or the other time. You can refer to the following instructions for installing a new converter in your car.
Stephen Rampur
In general terms, a catalytic converter is a very important part of the automobile's exhaust system, which is responsible for reducing the toxicity level of the discharges that come out from the engine. It takes in the harmful emissions from the car engine, and turns the emissions into less harmful substances or water vapor. Such converters are not installed only in automobiles, but are also incorporated in generators, forklifts, huge complex mining set ups, and other machines which make use of engines.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

You will need to get the converter replaced if it gets clogged or has a severe physical hit. You can easily determine if it is clogged by observing a reduction in the car performance and the mileage. If you find out about a physical damage, you immediately need to think about its replacement. Changing this will also have a positive impact on the car's power and pickup. If you are not sure about doing the job yourself, it is better to take your vehicle to a licensed car repair professional.

The converter is situated in the very mid section on the car's base. Therefore, you need to get the car lifted up for carrying out the procedure. Lift the car with the help of two jacks in the front and two at the back, and get it balanced using jack stands. When the car is raised up, ensure that the stands are quite stable and balanced, so as to preclude any unfortunate incidents.

For removing the old converter, apply a lubricant on the bolts and clinches that are securing the converter. Doing so would allow you to take out the bolts and clinches easily. After applying the lubricant, take out the bolts. Then you need to detach the heat shield and the clinches. Try to detach the converter from the exhaust pipes which it is connected to. In some instances, you might need to shake the converter lightly to get it out.

Now that you have got the converter out, you need to check for damage on the exhaust pipes that are connected to the equipment. If you find any serious damage, it is better to get the pipes replaced. But if the damage is small, you can easily fix it by an exhaust patch kit which is readily available at your nearby car accessories store. Clean the ends of both exhaust pipes where the replacement converter is to be installed.

Now it is time to set in the new converter. Connect the new converter to the exhaust pipes coming from the front and the rear of the car, install the heat shield, and then the bolts. Make sure that the bolts are securely tightened to avoid problems. After this is done, lower the jacks and get the car down. You are then required to dispose off the old converter at an appropriate place.

This is how the typical catalytic converter replacement is done. While purchasing a catalytic converter, you need to make sure if it is suitable to the car. If you are not sure regarding which one to buy, you may consult with an auto mechanic who will suggest you the appropriate type.