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Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

Automatic transmission is a complex mechanism and therefore cannot be repaired single-handedly. Troubleshooting an issue though, should not be a problem, as this article will take you through some of the basic problems encountered with an automatic transmission.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Automatic transmission is the most preferred form of transmission over its manual counterpart. This is because, not much effort is required while driving such vehicles. Automatic transmissions normally do not cause much trouble, but sometimes, malfunctioning can be a real bother. This is because, the complicated design and working of such a transmission system is beyond the understanding of an amateur mechanic, and also, the tools required to fix related problems are not available in regular tool kits.
If this is causing any problem, it is generally advised to be taken to an expert mechanic, but at the same time, it is better to check out what exactly the problem is first? This would help you in discussing your car problems with the mechanic better, and calculate the details of the long bill that the mechanic is going to hand over to you.
Fluid Leaking
The biggest concern in an automatic transmission is that of fluid leakage. Fluid generally starts leaking when either the filler tube is loose or there is a defect in the pan gasket. However, as a preliminary measure, you can fix this problem by tightening all the bolts surrounding the leakage area, and also tightening the tube nut. If the problems still persists, you need to straightaway change the gasket.

Gear Problems
Gear problems in the form of gear shifting or slipping of gears can be a common troublesome area. Gear shifting problems occur either when there are any defects developed in the vacuum or linkage controls, or when the fluid level goes down. Sometimes, the failure of the internal clutch or band is also responsible for problems in gear shifting. The simplest remedy for this problem is to perform a regular check on the fluid level, and correct it accordingly.

Spilling of Fluid
It is not always low fluid levels that pose a problem to the transmission. Sometimes, high levels of fluids can also prove troublesome. Spilling of fluid from the oil filler tube is a problem that is caused due to high fluid levels. However, internal fluid leakage, clogging in the oil filter or breather vent are also sometimes responsible for fluid spillage. The possible solution to this problem is to change the filter, and if necessary, change the fluid.

Erratic Gear Shifting
Sometimes, there can be a delay in gear shifting. This is a result of some malfunctioning in the internal parts, low levels of fluid, or breaking of the vacuum lines. However, this problem can be fixed by either replacing or repairing the vacuum lines, or it can be prevented with the help of a regular check up of the fluid.

Overheating of Transmission
Overheating of transmission at regular intervals leads to its malfunctioning. Overheating mainly occurs due to clogging in the fluid cooler lines. Any type of defect in the oil pump or fluid, or decrease in the fluid level can also be the causes for overheating. This problem can be resolved by altering the cooler lines and updating the fluid levels.

After reading this article, you can now detect the problem and discuss it with the mechanic. Take care that the repair is dealt with by the mechanic himself. However, for your safety, I would advise you to perform a regular check up of the entire vehicle regularly.