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Bumper Repair Cost

Bumper Repair Cost

There are many determinants of bumper repair costs, such as the type of damage, how bad it is, and how much area needs to be worked on.
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There are several determinants that have an impact on the aggregate bumper repair cost. The most common determinants are,
  • Type of bumper
  • Size of the dent
  • Material used in the bumper
  • Refinishing colors
The size of the area affected is also important in calculation of the cost. More the area damaged, more will be the cost. Considering all these factors, the aggregate cost, may range from $250 to $1,100. Your cost really depends on whether you go to a body shop or other any other repair shop.

In case of steel or any other type of metal bumpers, first it has to be unbolted and then processed to remove the dents or cracks, if there is any, take care of scratches on it and restore it to its gleaming glory.

The bumper on you car may also be a part of the body kit that is used in the modified cars. These kits are custom-made using thermoplastic or carbon fibers as the specifications for these cars differs from the standard ones. This type of bumpers, it is obvious, will cost more than the standard ones as it is the seller's market. Those made with carbon fibers will cost still more than the thermoplastic ones.

Therefore, the overall repair costs may differ from automobile to automobile. If the damage to the bumper is not so severe, and there are just a few scratches; you have the option of doing the job yourself. You would simply need to purchase a bumper repair kit which is easily available at your local car accessories shop at around $10. The kit has all essentials that are required to get rid of the scratches; such as repair compounds, liquid finishes, sandpapers, and an instruction guide. Just refer to the guide to get the job done.

Replacement Cost

Many people have a misconception that repairing the bumper will be more expensive than replacing it, altogether. However, the fact is that repairing can be done at an affordable price, at much too less cost than what may be needed for a complete bumper replacement.

Each type of car model takes different sized bumper, so you will have to buy the bumper according to your car type and model which makes the bumper replacement cost variable. In addition the type of bumper material also has its say. If you intend to use it for heavy-duty purposes, such as, vehicle recovery then it is already decided for you which type of bumpers can be installed in the vehicle.

Purchasing a new skirting bumper for your car, and getting it installed by a professional would normally cost you around $500. A steel chrome plated bumper may cost you from $116-$2,800, whereas, a carbon fiber bumper may cost from $650 to more than $5,000.

If you think the costs are too high, then search hard for a car part dealer who wants to get rid of the type of the bumper you want, which will allow you to get the job done at an economical cost. You can really save money if you go to a car scrap dealer to find a used bumper.

This was a basic explanation of the aspects that affect bumper repair costs. If you are searching for a reliable car repair shop that would charge you reasonably for the bumper repair job, ask for recommendations to friends or your car insurance company. The car repair shop may even give you a discount if you decide to get both of your car's bumpers repaired or refinished.
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