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Car Audio Wholesale Distributors

Cues to Help You Find the Right Car Audio Wholesale Distributors

Buying car audio systems from wholesale distributors may help people save a lot of money, provided the wholesaler is reliable.
Aparna Iyer
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Car audio systems add entertainment value to the vehicle. They are especially valued by people who take long road trips and enjoy listening to music while driving. These systems can cost a lot more, if one wants to indulge oneself and go for the complete experience. A basic system would have to include the following: head unit, amplifier, speakers, and other accessories.
The purpose of a head unit is to provide a signal to the amplifiers. A person may use the factory head unit that came with their car, provided they get a clean signal from the head unit. The quality of the factory head unit would be instrumental in deciding whether a person can save money on a new head unit. An amplifier is used to magnify the head unit's signal. Without amplifiers one will be unable to experience the desired clarity. So one should buy a reasonably powerful amplifier. The power of the amplifier determines the price that a person would have to pay. Speakers enhance the quality of sound.
For best results speakers should be mounted both in the front and in the rear. In case one is reluctant to invest the required amount, one may skip the rear speakers, but it's not advisable to scrounge on speakers that are to be mounted in the front. Equalizers are needed to help balance sound. Other accessories would include cables, capacitors, and power distribution blocks. A car audio system can cost a lot of money depending on the type of car and the range of services desired. A custom system will definitely cost more than a basic one. Hence, the need for buying a cheap system arises.
Wholesale Distributors
Car audio systems can be purchased from both wholesalers and retailers. It typically costs more to buy from a retailer as compared to a wholesaler. This is because wholesalers buy in bulk and make profits by dealing in volume and not price. Retailers buy from wholesalers while customers typically buy from retailers. However, the current trend has shifted to buying from the source, in other words, buying from the wholesaler himself. Before the advent of the Internet, getting in touch with the wholesaler was not an easy task. But today, one has to just surf the net to obtain a list of wholesalers. However, keep the following points in mind before you buy.
The quality of the products that can be purchased from car audio wholesale distributors may be disputable. Generally, people are asked to list out their top preferences. Many times, a person may receive a product that is not his first choice since the wholesaler may be out of stock.
Customer Service
People may not receive the desired level of customer service. When one walks into a store, one is often greeted by the salesperson who may provide the desired technical support. However, on ordering online or over the phone, a person may not receive satisfactory customer service. Many a time, the number is not toll free and the customer may be put on hold endlessly.
Prompt Delivery
This is another factor that has to be considered before buying from wholesalers. The product should be shipped promptly and any returns and exchanges should, generally, not cost extra money.
People want to order online and buy from wholesalers since it is supposed to be cost-effective. Sometimes, order fees, shipping fees, handling fees, and processing fees may add up to a substantial amount of money, and one may not be able to cash in on the advantage of buying from a wholesaler.
Ultimately buying from a wholesaler can be a pleasant experience if the wholesaler is authentic and reliable. One may be able to save a lot of money and time by ordering online from a wholesaler who has built up a reputation for trust and quality.