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Cheap Car Insurance for Teenagers

Looking for Cheap Car Insurance for Teenagers? Know These Facts First

It is becoming difficult day by day to find affordable car insurance for teens and young drivers. As most teens are new to driving, they are usually placed in the high risk group by insurance companies and this 'high risk' tag increases the car insurance rates.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
It is going to be a very important day in a teen's life when he/she learns driving, and it is essential that the teen gets a reliable car insurance policy. Car insurance is something which is essential no matter where you live and how safely you drive. Unless you want your teenage son/daughter to get into an argument with cops on duty, make sure you get them car insurance. Teens are an expensive breed, they want everything top-notch. Right from clothes and gadgets to their cars, everything they choose is pricey. The good news for parents is that no matter how pricey the car is, you can get auto insurance at a cheap rate. Don't think getting affordable car insurance is a dream, it is a reality, and this very article talks about it.
Ask any parent and you will come to know the stress they go through while insuring their teenage driver. Teenagers are often known to be notorious while driving and this is statistically proven. Research shows that drivers under 20 years of age are more likely to be involved in a car accident than adults. Hence, the risk to the insurance company is much more and the cost of your car insurance goes higher.
How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Teenagers
More and more teenagers are growing up and hitting the roads and 80% of them will buy a car as they would need their own mode of transportation. Looking for a good car for teenage son/daughter is one part of the plan, however, you should also keep your eyes open for affordable car insurance. The cost of car insurance for a teenager will always be higher than the cost of insurance for an experienced driver. Why? Because an experienced driver has more experience on road.
  • Add your teen to your own current policy. Teens can get insurance at a lower rate if they are on their parents insurance policy. Parents can save more than $100 by adding their teens in their own insurance policy.
  • If your teen prefers an individual policy designed specifically for teenagers, let him/her opt for it. These policies are specially designed for teenagers and have certain restrictions on them such as not driving late nights or maintaining a speed limit on certain roads. These restrictions help you lower the cost on car insurance policy for young divers.
  • Even if he/she knows about it, teach your teen the importance of having a clean driving record. Make sure they don't have any speeding tickets, are not breaking signals, are not getting involved in accidents, and are avoiding things which can get them in a confrontation with cops. Car insurance companies provide various benefits for teenagers who have a clean driving record, this is one of the best ways to get affordable car insurance.
  • Remember that buying your teen a brand new sports car is not going to serve any purpose, only a high car insurance bill. Buy a car which is affordable and ranks high on safety standard. Car insurance rates are also decided on the cost of the car, higher the cost of the car, higher the insurance quote. The car which you buy must have all safety equipment like AWD or 4WD, airbags, ABS and many more. Car insurance companies usually give discount on safer cars as there's a lesser chance of the driver being in an accident.
  • Enroll your teen in a Driver Education Course and make sure he/she completes and understand all the laws of the road. Companies will actually cut down on insurance cost if you teen has completed a Driver's Education Course successfully.
While you are looking out for affordable car insurance, remember to consider the price and package of what the company has to offer. Just don't base your search on price, view the coverage of the policy. It's good to know what are you paying for and what are you getting in return.