Chrome Spray Paint for Cars

Applying chrome spray paint is an ideal way to give a new look to your car. Chrome paint, when applied in the right way provides a stunning appearance to your car.
WheelZine Staff
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
An easy way to change the overall appearance of your car is by painting it. However, just any paint won't give that unique shine to your vehicle. Application of chrome paint can provide that lustrous shine to your car. Chrome is the favorite color, when it comes to giving a shiny reflective coating to any vehicle. These are high quality paints often used by many car manufacturers. Of course, just one coat is not enough to get those satisfactory results. Usually, application of 3-4 coats is recommended to obtain that brilliant chrome finish. To make sure that the reflectivity of the paint is not affected, the metal is sometimes covered with a conductive over coating.
Why to Use Chrome Spray Paint
There are many features of chrome spray paint that distinguishes it from other ordinary car paints. They are discussed below:
Scratch Proof
If you are using your fingernail to scratch a car that has been given a makeover with a chrome spray paint, then just forget it. This is because the paint is scratch resistant and so there is no way that fingernails or tree branches scraping alongside the car would cause scratches. Thus, the beauty of the car remains intact, even when it is plying on a road that is dotted with long tree branches. So, in case you are looking for a solution to protect your car from scratches, opting for chrome spray paint would certainly serve the purpose.
Rust Protection
Chrome spray paint is formulated to protect your car from rust. Made from anti-corrosion coating compounds, chrome spray paint certainly does an excellent job of preventing rust from forming on the car. Ordinary car paints wear away over time, thereby allowing oxygen to react with the metal underneath. This eventually triggers rusting of the metal. However, as chrome spray paint is both durable and corrosive resistant, your car will continue to display a characteristic shine for years to come. No wonder, it is often said that the longevity of real chrome finish is remarkably high.
Easy To Apply
You don't have to use any sophisticated equipment to apply this paint. Normal equipment like spray guns are capable enough to produce the translucent chrome effect. Also, chrome spray paint is able to reach spots that is not possible even with vacuum deposition paints.
Points to Remember
  • Prior to using the chrome spray paint, you need to remove the dirt from the car surface. So wash it thoroughly using soap water solution.
  • Once it is done, apply a automobile primer as it helps to hold the chrome paint firmly on the surface
  • Now use jet black as the base coat to enhance chrome paint color for a long lasting shine
  • After the base coat layer becomes dry, then only apply the chrome paint.
There are different types of chrome spray paints available in the market, each providing a characteristic effect to your car. It is discussed below:
MirraChrome is one such popular car paint in great demand amongst car enthusiasts. The main reason being its ability to create a mirror chrome shine. Nowadays, MirraChrome is also used on other surfaces such as wood, plastic and foam. To achieve the best results, it is often recommended to use the standard HVLP spray guns.
Ghost Chrome
Another chrome spray paint that has been popular in recent years is the Ghost Chrome. This paint is generally seen on various OEM (original equipment manufacturers). Thus, you will find this paint on BMW wheels, Ford parts and many more. A standard spray gun is used to apply Ghost Chrome. This popular chrome finish can be given over any color, but normally it is applied over various shades of gray to get that perfect metal reflection. One big advantage of applying Ghost Chrome paint, is that it remains transparent which allows the viewer to see the underlying base color.
Want to give a new look to your car? If yes, use MultiChrome paint, which is a combination of Ghost Chrome and MirraChrome. It provides a prismatic color change effect that is truly wonderful. When you view a car coated with MultiChrome, you will only see chrome, but on changing the viewing angle, you would see a prismatic color burst. In short, the paint is able to produce a variety of colors when viewed from different angles. This dramatic color effect is due to the presence of patented crystal flakes in the paint.
On the whole, in case your car requires a paint job, a chrome spray paint would be the best option. This is because it produces a dazzling shine, which is long-lasting. It can also withstand the rigors of everyday use. Chrome paint can enhance the look of your used car, in a way that no other paint can. So if you are looking for that ultimate finish for your car, then go in for a chrome spray paint.
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