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A Brief Overview of How to Design a Car Online

How to Design a Car Online
Are you a car enthusiast? Would you like to learn to design a car? Then wait no more, this WheelZine article will be an excellent means to teach you the different methods of doing the same online.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Important Tip
Enter car designing competitions held online to give you the confidence and practice needed.
Is the Batmobile your dream car? With its rocket launcher, integrated fire extinguishing system, stealth mode (making it hard to locate), jet engine to launch it, armored exterior, and many other such gadgets, it is a vehicle that has changed the way our mind conjures up images of futuristic cars.
While such cars may still be light years away from reality, it definitely does not stop us from imagining the best when we are trying to design vehicles online. And while many of us use these options to design a car online as an outlet for the automobile designer in us, there are quite a few amongst us who use websites for designing cars to customize an automobile that they intend to purchase. Your reason for designing a car will dictate how you should go about the process of designing an automobile online. In this WheelZine article, we will highlight the ways in which designing a car online becomes possible.
Customizing Your Car
If you want to learn how to design your own car in order to customize the car you want to purchase, then the steps you need to follow are very easy. Every leading car manufacturing company on its website allows customers the option to modify cars and design them with the options and accessories that they want. This gives a prospective customer a general idea of what the car would look like with these additions and also see how much it will change the price of the car. You can note down these customization options and provide your local dealer with details of the same.
The Process
~ To begin with, decide on which car company you want to opt for, that is, who the manufacturer of the car is.
~ Next, go through the website of the company and open the link to the page that allows you to design the car, immediately after which you can place an order for purchase.
~ You'll find several options available for all the varied functions, accessories, and designing of the car.
Car interiors
~ In the company website, you'll find designs (2 or a 4 seater), colors, car interiors, engine, accessories, car paint, seat types, luggage rack, space options, etc.
~ Most websites will give you a quote for the car as soon as you submit the design; later, you can make changes to suit your budget.
~ Ideally, you can purchase the car online, but many people prefer to first design their car and then submit the design to their local dealer with all the required specs.
~ You can spend hours exploring the configuration options that are made available and then pick and choose from the top picks.
~ Instead of having to flip through countless brochures to compare features, you only have to sign in online and everything that you need is right at your disposal without having to even leave the house.
~ Since you have spent hours going through the varied options, you learn more about the vehicle than you would have otherwise.
~ There are several research tools, guides, videos, buying tips and tricks, and advice that is available so you can go sufficiently in depth.
~ You don't have to deal with overeager salesmen who try to make a sale. Since you're researching and designing the car by yourself, you can take as much time as you like and explore all the options thoroughly before making a choice.
Designing a Car Online
Design a car
~ If you want to design a car for a competition or just for fun, then there are several websites that will allow you to build your own dream car. Some of the more popular websites include "designerspace" and "guzer".
~ While designing a car, remember that in order to make a blueprint that is true to the mechanism of an actual car, you need to put in a lot of effort in your research work.
Graphic design
~ Try and learn the basics of graphic design in order to make a design that could be actually functional.
~ Before starting on the actual process of virtual designing, make rough sketches of the car you want to build. Be innovative and futuristic with your designs.
~ Modify the physical appearance of the car as much as possible.
Car design
~ Some websites also allow you to conduct simulations to check whether with your design, the car could actually be driven on the roads. This gives you an insight into how actual automobile designing takes place.
~ Take into account design parameters and the properties of the material used to design a vehicle online. This is very important, as the properties of the material will determine how much you can modify the car and what forms and shapes you could give it.
These days, many websites even have annual competitions for amateur designers to design and create car models online. Whether you are designing a car for fun or whether the process to design a car online is an exercise in customizing the car you want to purchase, remember to keep in mind technical specifications, as in many cases the modifications can have a severe impact on the running abilities of the car.