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What They Never Told You About Designing Your Own Car

Designing Your Own Car
The process that is involved in designing your own car is pretty long and difficult. Even though you might not be able to build your own car, it is always fun to design one. In order to design a car, computer software and programs can help you build your car virtually or graphically. You can also customize your own car with the help of the same steps.
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Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Black Sports Car
Type of Car
Sports car blueprints
To design your car it is important to decide what type of car it is going to be. It can be an SUV, a sports car, truck, sedan or even a wild off-road vehicle. The remaining aspects such as aerodynamics, ground clearance, engine capacity, suspension and chassis are decided upon the type.
Engine Design
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The heart of the car is the engine itself. The bigger the size of the car the larger is going to be the volume of the car's engine. You will also have to decide the type of engine. Will it be a gasoline or a diesel engine? Many car interior design features are also related to the design of the engine, that is, more comfortable and well featured (air conditioners and DVD players) the car, more should be the capacity of the engine.
Making sketch
While designing the car, you can also experiment with some eco-friendly features such as fuel cells and hybrid car technology. Along with the engine design, you will have to consider the gear box.
Chassis Design
Car chassis with engine of luxury brandless sportcar
Depending upon the capacity and type of engine, you will have to design the chassis of the car. The chassis is weight-bearing component and there has to be perfection to detail. The length and height of the chassis also dictates the dimensions of the vehicle.
Ergonomic Design
3d car model
Ergonomic design involves the passenger space features of the car. These features are dependent upon the type of the car. A sports car for example, is usually a two-seater car. An SUV is a 6 seater or an off-roader will be 4 seater or 6 seater. This space design however, depends upon the carrying capacity of the vehicle which gets defined as a result of planning of engine and chassis.
External Style
Luxury cherry red car
The external style of the vehicle again totally depends on you. You can keep it simple with minimal aerodynamics or you can make it sophisticated with advanced aerodynamics. While designing, you will also need to consider important factors such as windows, bumpers and the exteriors of bonnets.
Other Features
Mechanic reparing car while looking at futuristic interface
Important features of the car that you will need to consider include, the types of tires and their rims, interiors and the types of seats that you want, suspension, steering wheel technicality, brakes and lights. All these things come towards the end but you will have to give attention as they matter a lot. It must be noted that if you plan to customize your own car, then the performance of the engine and gear box gets affected.
Design with the Help of Some other Car
Sketch supercar
Recreational car designing is a good pass time. Of recent, manufacturer's have started providing interactive websites to potential customers where they can graphically modify the cars on the website itself. Changing the color, the leather of the seats and color of the dashboard and modifying the accessories can be done. Maserati, BMW, Ferrari, Volkswagen and Toyota are just a few of the many companies that provide these features.
Car Designing Games
There are also certain games where you can create a ride for yourself. These games are highly recreational and any person right from an adult to a small kid can enjoy them. There are also certain games where you can modify real-time cars. Some other games also enable users to modify cars with the components of other cars.
Real-life Designing
Car and chassis X-ray / Blueprint
The marvels of programming have blessed hard-core and very serious car enthusiasts. There are some sophisticated engineering programs which enable the users to draft proper engineering designs for their cars. Though these programs are very, very sophisticated and expensive, people who are really, really serious about gaming can certainly avail them.
If you are actually getting the car built then it is recommended that you check all the features with an automobile engineer or a mechanic. You will also have to check the safety features of the car when you design a car online. Make sure that you install the best possible safety in seats and emergency air bags.