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Key Stuck in the Ignition? Fret Not, Here's How to Yank it Out!

Key Stuck in the Ignition
Car key getting stuck in the ignition is a problem which must have occurred to many people. To avoid being in similar situations, lubricate the lock cylinder, car key and ignition regularly. Car keys are made of soft metals and are easily breakable if handled roughly. Therefore using car key as a can opener or for any other purpose other than starting up the car is a bad idea.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Probable Culprits Behind Ignition Key Troubles
✰ Out-of-order shift interlock
✰ Damaged locking system of steering wheel
✰ Misplaced cable in the steering column
✰ Loose wire in the ignition mechanism
✰ Poor quality ignition key
✰ Jammed lock cylinder
Almost every alternate day of my life, I manage to land up in a heap of troubles, sometimes without even stepping out of my four walls. Even in a normal boring day, my adventures begin with breaking gas stove knob, misplacing electric bill to getting my car key stuck in the ignition. The last endeavor nearly cost me to miss an important appointment which took me months to set up. As my car ignition key problems saga is not a new one, I am getting pretty used to constant problems of my vehicle. Nevertheless, I still didn't anticipate getting stuck in my car and struggling with the keys which was in no mood to either start or to be out of the keyhole. With the broken key in the ignition, I scurried to get some help which I found only after placing a call to the repair guy.
◣Probable situations and how to deal with it
Key is just stuck, not broken but unable to lock the car...
In situations like these, there might be a problem with shifter mechanism, which means that you have a trip to the repair shop in store for you. Get this problem addressed immediately, as it could mean that your shift interlock is out of order, which can increase the chances of deploying the air bag up in your face, causing a serious injury.
Problem in the ignition, key stuck and have no idea what to do about it...
If the steering wheel moves, but the key doesn't move, it probably means that the steering wheel's locking system is damaged. For this, you can just turn the steering wheel opposite to the direction of the car wheels. Most of the time, cars are turned off with the wheels turned on the opposite directions, which makes the key get stuck in the ignition due to pressure in the steering wheel. When the pressure is released from the steering column, a click can be heard and key is released.
Key stuck, engine starts but does not go inside all the way for locking car...
One of the probable cause can be a misplaced cable in the steering column. You can jostle up the cable a bit by reaching under the dashboard. This should solve the problem of the ignition key. If it doesn't, then take it as a cue for asking help from a professional.
Recurring problem of key getting stuck in the ignition, it starts, but doesn't stop...
The root of many car ignition key problems especially in defective or old cars, lies in the ignition switch itself. An ignition switch has a simple mechanism behind it. When the key is pressed in the ignition, it closes the loop in the mechanism. There might be a loose wire or loose button from its individual housing, which is preventing it from coming to the off position.
Broken key in the ignition, cannot wait for locksmith to come...
Sometimes, car manufacturing companies try to cut back on their losses by making faulty key or it is sheer dumb luck which makes you end up with broken key in the ignition. To come out of such mishaps, always keep pliers handy. Use pliers to pull out the car keys from the ignition if you can see the broken part. If the broken key inside the ignition is not visible, then take a superglue and stick the key head to the stuck part, hold it for a few minutes and then just yank it from there.
Key stuck, engine not starting, not locking either....
Wait patiently for help to arrive. It might cost a leg but it would be worth it to have your ignition key inspected and repaired by a professional.
Tip To Solve Key Stuck in Ignition:
Use lubricant spray which can be used on car key when it gets stuck in the ignition. Lubricating spray stops the pins in the car lock from binding. When the car key refuses to budge, then it could mean that the lock cylinder is jammed or probably broken. Lubricating the lock and cylinder might help in this situation or else the lock assembly has to be replaced completely. You can also use white graphite powder to lubricate the key and ward off the dirt as well as debris from it.