License Plate Ideas

Personalizing your car or bike's license plate? Check out some witty license plate ideas mentioned in the article.
One day you're driving down the road and a beautiful black/2009/Porsche Boxster zooms by your side. You nod and think to yourself "Nice"! The last thing you see before the car disappears from sight is its license plate. The plate read "1BNG007", loosely translated: one bang, 007 James Bond. If you're interested in getting heads turned as you zoom through the streets, we've got some amazing ideas on license plate modification. Take a look at the suggestions below and take your pick.

Numbered Plate Ideas

Regular plates are so outdated and boring; customize your car with savvy plate ideas that are mentioned below. You can use these plates for jeeps, RV, sedans, luxury cars, and many more.

Ideas to Consider: 0-9
OOO LALAWhat more can I say?
1HRDDRVOne Hard Drive, perfect for mustangs
2BENVDTo be envied, goes great on luxury cars
3MTA3It's a mirror image which read "eat me"
4U2DZYRFor you to desire
5PMBYOB5pm, bring your own beer
6ISENUF6 kids are enough
7NTXXXBridge player's car
8ISEXCAin't I sexy?
9FOFO9, four, four; ideal for a Porsche 944

These were some examples for plate ideas that can be created with numbers. Perhaps reading them has given you some inspiration and you are close to deciding how to get the perfect number that expresses your personality. If these numbered plate ideas have done half the work, then the next group of plates will do the rest.

Customized Plates

Besides adding decals, try sharing a unique message with everyone through your plate and keep them guessing. Take a look at these personalized plate ideas and get invigorated with thoughts.

Ideas to Consider: A-Z
AAFAV8RAir Force Pilot (Aviator)
A-SLAABA slob on a Saab
ARETEGreek for "excellence"
BB9S2USBe nice to us
BLUE 666Blue Devil
CHUVITShove it
CME4AD8See me for a date
DDJAKEL"devil" in Swedish
DNTB2NRDon't be too near
DOC4JOXSports injury specialist's tag
EE FUDDElmer Fudd
EZ2CYIOEasy to see why I owe
EZ4U2NVEasy for you to envy
FF8SUCKSFate sucks
FBI AGNTNo explanation needed
FTNSASYFit and sassy
GGDAM8Good day, Mate!
GROWLAmazing on Jaguars or Hummers
HHIHO AGHi ho silver!
HAUDIOn an Audi
H8 PEPZHate Pepsi, on a Coca Cola Van
II12BNZCI want to be in the sea
I81B4UI ate one before you
IT XLR8SIt accelerates
JJJJJXXXJay's ex's
JETJOCKFighter Pilot
JESBUGNJust bugging
K9 STYLCanine style
KEEP UPFor those slow pokes
LLICENSEWell, there you have it
LC2KILLLicense to kill
LVB4UDILive before you die
MMTBRAINEmpty brain
MMMBACONYou know you love it too
MZ-CHFWife of a fire chief or police chief
NNAVYAV8RNavy Aviator
NDSADLIn the saddle
NDLSMREndless summer
OOLD FOn a customized Harley Davidson
OPN WYDOpen wide
OR INNIOnly for Audi (Outie)
PPARDONMESorry for cutting you off
PD4BYEXPaid for by Ex-husband/wife
PMPN8EZPimp'n ain't easy
QQT PICutie Pie
QUIKEENeed I say more?
QN ELVISQueen Elvis
RRACE MERight for a sports car/bike
RDDVLRed devil
RD MDRoad Doctor
SSATANRBSatan reborn
SEEYASee ya!
SOSUMESo sue me
TTCHUSSGoodbye in German
THANXDADAww, how sweet
TIH2 HOMirror image, it reads: Oh shit!
UP N DUp and down
UUUD444Use the force, Luke!
VROOMGo speed!
WW84MEWait for me
WAS HISA divorcée
WED4LIFENewlywed's car
XX-HIPPYSomething for gen-X
XSIV HIExcessive high
XLR82XSAccelerate to excess
YYBNRMLWhy be normal
YOT YMMirror image, it reads: My toy
YX32Mirror image, it reads: Sexy
ZZIPNBYZippin' by
ZPDUDAZippity doo dah...
ZUNHELLSee you in hell

So, many choices and (probably) one car that gets the number. However that may be, these plate ideas mentioned above are a fun way to think outside the box and get creative. So, what are you waiting for, start your engines and get imaginative!