Motorcycle Saddlebags

The standard motorcycle saddlebags are available in various types for specific needs. The features of these are mentioned below.
Motorcycle saddlebags are of three types : soft, hard, and aluminum. In soft ones, the vulnerable parts of the bike are protected with a clear vinyl or a soft towel. A backing plate can be made of ⅛th-inch aluminum that holds the flatters. A single U-shaped bar that attaches to both the passenger peg mounts and the rear fender, eliminates most of the wobble. In hard ones, GIVI saddlebags of high quality are used. However, the mounts tend to stick out pretty far. 'Krauser' manufactures strong bags and trunk. The aluminum ones are popular with the adventure/touring set.

A standard saddlebag features are:

Double layer leather construction: It is a 10-12 oz. leather thickness. This helps reduce the sags, due to which the saddlebag lasts longer.

Reinforced and heavy-duty backs: Two ⅛'' thick plastic plates are kept over a heavy-duty silicon-impregnated leather.

Extended flap: The flap is extended further down the back of the bag. This avoids the flap from sagging and assists in reinforcing the back of the bag.

Extra-strong and rot-proof nylon thread: This prevents dry-rot and raises the bag's durability.

Strong rivets: These are nickel-plated, rustproof, and brass rivets which last a lifetime.

Heavy-duty buckles: Large, attractive, and sturdy buckles are used for large bags, while durable, roller buckles are used for small bags.

Leather straps: Best quality, fully-tanned harnessed leather is used for extra wear and tear.

Lined flaps: High quality, black textile-fur lined flaps and yokes.

Deluxe braid trim: Premium braid trim provides the proper ascent.

Piping color: Black piping color is the standard. Now, there are 28 colors to choose from.

The aforementioned types are enlisted in detail below:

Sportster Saddlebag
  • Has a zip-off and no yoke options
  • Made of thick top grain leather, nylon stitching and YKK hardware
  • Large interior zipped pocket and two open pockets
  • Both left and right side bags are also available as fringed, studded, and fully dressed. These are well-designed, small size bags that fit many bikes easily.
  • Gives a sense of rugged durability and quality
  • Great for commuting and riders who travel light
  • The height is 11.5", width is 12" and depth is 5.5".
Saddlebag Fender Guard

It prevents the saddlebag yoke from rubbing against the bike's fender. Velcro straps fasten to the underside of the yoke. This spans 22 inches long. The height is 9" and width is 21". This is perfect for protecting the bike's fender from scuffs. This soft pad connects to the underside of the yoke and is held in position with the Velcro straps.

Throw-over Saddlebag
  • High quality black-colored bag with a 3.6 to 4.0 mm top-grain cowhide
  • Thick top-grain leather, nylon stitching, and chrome YKK hardware
  • Available styles: Full dress and distressed brown
  • Rugged durability and functionality
  • Thick, heavy-duty top-grain leather provides exceptional durability and is ideal to any bike.
  • The slanted design contours to the angle of the motorcycle's rear shocks.
Large Slant Saddlebags
  • Zip-off and no yoke options
  • Large capacity and easy-to-fit slant shape
  • Large interior zippered pocket and two open pockets
  • Fringed, studded, and full dressed styles are available
  • Fits properly between the rear shocks and tail lights
  • Excellent for touring
  • Height is 13", width is 16" and depth is 5"
Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags
  • Unique double-layer leather construction
  • The top layer of grain leather is bonded to a lower layer of tough silicon-rubber treated leather resulting in a leather composite with a thickness of more than ⅛th of an inch. Equivalent to 10-12 oz. of leather.
  • Due to the inner silicon-rubber treated leather, the durability and strength is longer than products having equivalent leather thickness.
Motorcycle with Saddlebag
Black Saddlebag