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7 Must-have Accessories for Motorcyclists

7 Must-have Accessories for Motorcyclists

For the perfect motorcycling experience, it is equally important to have the right accessories. Without the proper jacket, boots, or helmet, a biker is more vulnerable to injuries, thus, making it essential to know the must-have accessories before you hit the road.
Rohini Mohan
Did You Know?
The first three-wheeled motorcycle, i.e., the Butler Petrol Cycle was designed by the English inventor, Edward Butler in 1884.
Every sensible biker knows how important it is to wear the right motorcycle gear before heading out on the road. Having bought your bike, it's time to invest in some sturdy and durable accessories that every biker must own.

Whether you plan on using your motorcycle for commuting, leisure, or group riding, the basic gear remains more or less the same. This WheelZine article discusses some must-have accessories for motorcyclists that are meant for protecting the rider. We shall start from the most neglected motorcycle gear and end with the absolute essentials.
Motorcycle Suit
Motorcycle suit
A full motorcycle body suit made of racing leather is ideal for long-distance, adventure, and professional motorcycling. This is an all-in-one accessory that nullifies the need for buying a separate jacket, pants, and chaps. If you're an off-road biker, consider going in for a one-piece racing leather suit that has inbuilt armor that protects the shoulder, chest, ribcage, spine, and the elbows of the rider. Armored lowers provide ample protection to the hip and knees. You could also consider going in for a full-body rain suit that can be easily worn over your normal clothes.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Suit Brand
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Aerostich
  • Spidi
  • Legendary USA
  • Alpinestars
Leather Jacket
A motorcycle jacket does a lot more than make a biker look good. Even the simplest of leather jackets can go a long way in protecting the rider from minor cuts and bruises. The thicker the material used for the jacket, the more protection it lends to the rider. Armored variants of jackets protect the entire torso and arms, and thus, are extremely useful for all types of motorcycling.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Jacket Brands

  • Harley-Davidson
  • Vanson Leathers
  • Belstaff
  • Roland Sands Design
  • Icon 1000
  • Schott
  • RS Taichi
  • Barbour
Motorcycle Riding Chaps
Biker Chick
Adapted from the quintessential cowboy getup, chaps made of leather are excellent for protecting the legs of the motorcycle rider. Chaps are meant to be worn over pants that are made of tough fabric. This is another reason why most bikers prefer wearing rugged jeans under leather chaps. The chaps manufactured today have weatherproof lining and are suitable for wearing throughout the year; however, unless the leather is treated often, these lowers do not provide adequate protection against rain.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Leather Chap Brands
  • Fox Creek Leather
  • Antelope Creek Leather
  • Legendary USA
  • Allstate Leather
  • Eagle Leather
Essential Motorcycle Gear
Essential Motorcycle Gear
1. Motorcycle Helmets
Surely all helmets act as protective gear, but not all helmets will protect you while riding your bike. Helmets that are meant for motorcycle use are specifically designed while keeping the aerodynamics and speed of the vehicle. While a lot of bikers are at loggerheads about whether to use helmets or not, it would be prudent to abide by the law and wear a helmet while riding. Depending on your need, comfort, and riding style, you will need to decide upon which type of motorcycle helmet to go for. Among the myriad of options, open-face, full-face, flip-up, half-shell, and off-road helmets are some of the usual styles that you can choose from. However, for beginners, the full-face design provides the maximum protection. Always go in for helmets that have "DOT" (U.S. Department of Transportation) and "Snell Approved" (Snell Memorial Foundation) stamps on them. You may also come across some helmets with ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) stamps, which also meet the safety standards in the US.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Helmet Brands
  • Shoei
  • Arai
  • Bell
  • GMAX
  • HJC
  • NEXX
  • Nolan
  • Shark
  • Icon
2. Biking Gloves
Motorcycle gloves are not just for show as many novices would like to think. These gloves are designed with the aim of protecting the hands of the rider from instant impact and preventing sweat from interfering with the grip. The padding in the gloves and material used can help protect a rider from injuries, heat and cold, rain, debris, and insects. Go in for full finger gloves that fit perfectly and provide ample cushion on and around the fingertips, knuckles, and the wrists.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Glove Brands
  • Olympia
  • Icon
  • Alpinestars
  • Dainese
  • Tour Master
  • Thor
  • Spidi
  • Cortech
  • Joe Rocket
  • REV'IT!
3. Motorcycle Boots
Another crucial accessory, the shoes worn by the biker must provide the necessary grip and comfort that is needed to ride, shift gears, and maneuver the bike with ease. Ideally, bikers must wear boots whenever possible, as such shoes lend more protection than sneakers and dress shoes. Go in for boots that protect your ankles from impact, have slip-resistant soles, and a tough toe box. The material must provide ample weather protection and must be ventilated enough to allow your feet to breathe.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Boot Brands
  • Alpinestars
  • Triumph
  • Joe Rocket
  • Sidi
  • Firstgear
  • Cortech Latigo
4. Protective Eyewear
On really warm days, you may be forced to ride with your helmet's shield up. However, for open-face helmets, using eyewear is an absolute necessity. Using the proper eyewear will not only protect your eyes from heat, dust, bugs, and debris, it will also prevent your eyes from watering and blurring your vision. Irritated eyes can easily distract your attention from the road and lead to an accident. Thus, go in for glasses that have adequate anti-fog and UV protection, and are tinted to suit your needs.

Some Trusted Motorcycle Eyewear Brand
  • Bobster
  • Ray-Ban
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Global Vision
  • Airfoil
Those who pursue more aggressive forms of motorcycling will need to wear additional protective gear such as knee, elbow, and shoulder pads.