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New Cars for 2018

New Cars for 2018
Every year, car manufacturers bring new models or redesign their older models in order to be the best in the market. Just like last year, many new models will be launched in 2018. Here is an overview of what is happening in the automobile world.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
The automobile industry is becoming more and more dynamic every year. It is trying to live upto the customer expectations. In this article we have picked up some of the models that are set to arrive in 2018. It seems that SUV's and superminis will dominate the coming times. Here is an overview of what is going to happen in the automobile world in 2018.
Cars for 2018
The list includes the New Audi-A1, new i30, Skoda Karoq and Jaguar I-Pace to name a few.We have tried to include all features, specifications, and prices of the models mentioned below.
New Audi -A1
The new Audi A1 comes with a re-engineered version of the current model. New LED daytime headlights and brakelights make it look more elegant. It is geared up with a six-speed manual gearbox. Engine is powered by a high performance 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine. A petrol engine is also expected. The new A1 comes with a more aerodynamic design. Its cost is around USD30,000.
Porsche Macan
The new compact luxury SUV is back with a facelift. The changes made in the existing model are expected to create a whole lot of driving experience. The entry level 2018 Macan is geared up with 7 speed dual clutch with a all wheel drive. The enrty level version is expected with a 252HP 4-cylinder engine. This car is expected to be in three different variants with different engine capabilities. The cost of entry level version is expected around USD48,500.
Jaguar I-PACE
The most awaited SUV Jaguar I-pace comes with an all-electric powertrain. The powerful electric motors of 396bhp will help to gain a speed of 0-62mph in around 4-5 seconds. It requires a 50KW DC charging point and takes around 90 minutes to charge upto 80%. With a good interior and infotainment system, users are going to get impressed by this all-electric SUV. Additionally it has a sporty look and is economical. It is expected to cost around USD88,000.
Nissan Altima 2.5S
It is one of the best selling mid size sedans. The 2018 model is comes with a 179 HP, 2.5lit DOHC 16-valve, 4 cylinder engine. It is studded with advanced features like blind spot warning system, intelligent forward collision and automatic braking. It has a front engine front wheel drive train with a Xtronic continiously variable transmission. Price is expected to be around USD 24000.
Ford Expedition
This new 2018 Expedition is one of the largest SUV of Ford. This SUV is powered by 3.5L EcoBoost engine with a 6 speed automatic system. 10 speed automatic system is also expected. Its chassis is expected to be made of high strength steel to enable it to carry more load. The price of the base model is expected to be around USD 40000.
Here are a few more cars for 2018 and their estimated prices.
CarModels OnSale Year Estimated Cost
Mercedes-AMG GT four-door 2018 Around USD 1,58,000
BMW 3 Series Late 2018 Around USD 50,000
Lexus LS 2018 Around USD 25,000
Volkswagen Arteon Mid 2018 Around USD 42,000
Subaru XV Early 2018 Around USD 30,000
Ford Mustang Early 2018 Around USD 35,000
The car models introduced in recent years have become increasingly compact, fuel-efficient and environment friendly. This change has led to the creation of innovative designs. In the times to come, the customers would prefer models that are known for their functionality and not just power. The phenomenon of global warming also influenced the way customers and car manufactures think. This will definitely help create automobiles that are both efficient and environment friendly.