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Synthetic Oil Change Cost

Synthetic Oil Change Cost

Synthetic lubrication oil has come to be widely accepted by vehicle owners. The cost of changing this oil is almost twice as much as changing the conventional oil. The total cost largely depends on the quality and quantity of the oil used.
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There are two types of oils that are used in car engines, viz., mineral and synthetic. It is clear that both the types of motor oils are absolutely essential for any car engine. Mineral oil is directly obtained from the crude oil, while synthetic oil is synthesized from different sources and is deemed to be more artificial. At a very micro level, synthetic oil is more consistent and has more uniform molecules than the usual mineral oil. Thus, a convention has come into being that when the engine is young, un-set, and does not have much of a running, mineral oil is used, as it refines the piston and engine block dimension. The synthetic oil, on the other hand, is more uniform and is used for more set and settled engines that have been used for a considerable distance and time.
Choosing the Right Synthetic Oil
There are just a handful of companies that have developed good synthetic oils till date. These include Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, Red Line, and AMSOIL. The synthetic oil that is suitable for your car is mentioned in the manual of the car along with the oil change interval. These specifications are often derived on the basis of the specifications of the engine, its size, and configuration.
Synthetic engine oils are recognized by a specified coding that has been established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). These standards can range from 0W to 25W. The W is often followed by a number, e.g., 5W-30. While changing the oil in your car's engine, you will have to use a standard that is demanded by the engine. This standard is designated by the car manufacturer in the manual. The expense of this procedure is largely affected by the standard and the volume of the oil. The higher the standard and greater the volume, the higher is the cost going to be.
Synthetic Oil Change Cost
It is better to classify the cost and manufactures as per the viscosity standards allotted by SAE. Let's have a look.

  • The first one is 5W-30 that is used for all newer cars, and is also used for all the sub-0°F temperatures. One of the best and also most expensive, 5W-30 is Mobil 1 94001 Synthetic 5W-30, which is an energy conservative oil available in a pack of 6, costing USD 24.33. The Valvoline Maxlife Motor Oil, which costs just USD 4.99, is a one pack product with agents and additives that tend to restrict emissions to a certain extent. Some other 5W-30 products include Briggs & Stratton 32 Oz. 5W-30 4-Cycle engine oil (USD 4.84), Castrol GTX 5W-30 motor oil (USD 4.74), Royal Purple Multi-Grade 5W-30 oil (USD 7.79), Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke motor oil 5W-30 32 oz (USD 6.99), and BMW 5W-30 Longlife (USD 7.95).
  • The next prominently used oil is the 10W-30. This standard of oil is used for temperatures above 0°F. Some common products include Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic motor oil (USD 9.49), Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke motor oil (USD 8.30), and Red Line 10W-30 Synthetic engine oil (USD 11.95). This standard is recommended for all turbocharged engines. These two oils substantially encourage and improve the fuel economy.
  • For the 10W-40, which is for temperatures above 0°F, the recommended brand is Castrol Magnatec. Some other brands include Castrol GTX High Mileage (USD 6.79), Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke (USD 8.99), Mobil 1 Racing Oil (USD 13.99), and MOTUL 300V 10W-40 Chrono Race Oil (USD 29.95). This is a multigrade lubricant and is principally used for wear and tear prevention of all auto parts.
  • The 20W-50 standard is typically used for high-RPM engines, such as those of race cars. Castrol GTX Extra, which is used in temperatures above 20°F, is a very widely used brand. Some other products include the Castrol CST 06470 GTX High Mileage (USD 26.40), FORMULA SHELL (USD 41.76), and Royal Purple Multi-Grade (USD 47.99). This type of oil is known for sustaining high speeds and extreme temperatures.

Thus, the basic rule of thumb is that higher the standard, costlier is the oil and more is the volume of the oil, the more expensive it is going to get. However, always make it a point to check the recommended product on your manual, as it is the best synthetic motor oil for your engine and serves the purpose best.