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Transmission Flush Problems

There are several transmission flush problems that a vehicle owner must be aware of. For the same reason, discussed below are the major problems and their solutions...
WheelZine Staff
Transmission flush is a concept that developed only in the recent past when people started to realize that the engine oil or the transmission gets dirty and less durable and needs frequent change. Transmission flush is also called engine flush, that is done to protect the transmission and make it clean, but is the transmission flush safe? What are the problems and are there any other suitable solutions to protect the transmission of the vehicle? Let's try to figure out answers to all the above questions.
What is a Transmission Flush?
Transmission flush is applying high pressure force of fluid against the normal fluid flow. The normal flow of fluid is generally from left to right, in transmission flushing, the force of the fluid is worked from right to left. This act is accomplished by connecting the transmission to a machine that can force a special solvent through transmission and the engine. This way, the powerful force of the solvents clean and flush the garbage and junk that has developed over the years and cleans the transmission.
Transmission flush actually cleans the transmission and increases it durability. The process of transmission also removes the remnants of fluids from converters, coolers, the cooler lines, and the other parts that are included in the design of the transmission. Along with the cost, there are few problems that one needs to deal with, in separate.
Main Transmission Flush Problems
While the process of transmission involves thorough cleaning of the transmission and the engine, there is much of a debate whether the flush is safe and actually helpful, and whether there are any major problems involved. Theoretically, the flush is supposed to clean the transmission thoroughly, while the engine oil change is performed. It is agreed that it does remove a significant amount of the older fluids but it fails to clean it thoroughly.
This way, there are chances that the older fluid might get mixed into the newer one, to dilute it. As a result of all this, the new transmission fluid is always on the verge of a potential damage and falling short of performance. Transmission flush machines involve force and high pressure in the transmission, that can block the valves of the engine by the force of the large chucks that are removed by flushing. These large chunks are actually the remnants of the older engine fluid, that can block the shifting of the transmission and also lack of lubrication. Read on car problems.
Considerations for Transmission Flush
The cost, including the cost of a new transmission, actually gets beyond the costs of a regular car maintenance job and hence, definitely not recommended to be done by most of the manufacturers. Car manufacturers like Ford, GM, Nissan, Chrysler, Honda, etc., do not recommend a transmission flush for their vehicles.
One precaution must always be taken for the transmission of the high mileage vehicles, that have never undergone the transmission flush - to not even think about it! This must be done as the new ATF might cause damage to the transmission within just a thousand miles or so. Hence, those of you who are thinking about having a transmission flush must try to reconsider it and search for a better option during routine maintenance.
Make sure you do not come under influence of the mechanic, because a potential damage to your vehicle is solely your responsibility and not the dealer's and those who manufacture the transmission flush. Be wise and think about it!