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Windshield Wiper Size

Windshield Wiper Size

If you need help in choosing the right wiper size for your car, you have landed on the right page. The chart provided here in this WheelZine article will help you in choosing the right one for your car model. Take a look!
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Windshield wipers are vitally important parts of a car, as their working directly affects visibility for a car driver in any kind of weather. Therefore, it is essential to have fully-functional wipers at all times, especially during snowfall or rainy season. If you have recently noticed that your windshield wiper arm or blade needs a replacement, it is but natural that you look for the correct size of the wipers that fit your car model.

A car model being an assembly-line product, has every part tailor-made to fit in with the rest of the structure. Rarely do car parts of one model and brand fit any other, unless they are of the same manufacturer. That is why you need to know the right wiper size for your car model if in need of replacement.

It is often at the start of winter that we realize that the windshield wiper is not working. On inspection, if you find that the wiper is cracked or is bent beyond repair, then you should prepare for wiper replacement.
Choosing the Right Wiper Size
Windshield wipers come in many different designs and sizes. Standard sizes are 20 ― 22 inches. The right size of the wiper cannot be determined by just looking at the car windshield. You should know the measurements of the windshield wiper. Either measure your old wiper arm for size, or refer your car manual. Car manuals do have detailed information about the right size. Check it out before you hit the nearest store for a replacement. You can even take the help of the size chart that we have provided below. Three things that will decide the right size of the wiper are your car model, the date of launch of that model, and the type of wiper (passenger, driver, or rear).
Wiper Size Chart
Wiper sizes vary from model to model and differ in many aspects. Below is the size chart for some of the most popular car models like Honda, Chevrolet, and Chrysler. The sizes are in inches and classified according to the three types that they come in.
Honda Models
The number of car models manufactured by Honda are many. We've listed the wiper sizes for two of its popular models, which are Accord and Civic Sedan.

Honda Models Launch Year Wiper Size
Driver Side Passenger Side Rear Side
Civic Sedan 2008-2009 26" 20" -
Accord 2008-2009 26" 19" -
Chrysler Models
Have a look at sizes of wiper blades of a range of car models manufactured by Chrysler motor company.

Chrysler Models Launch Year Wiper Size
Driver Side Passenger Side Rear Side
Cirrus 1995-2000 22" 22" -
Concorde 1995-1996 24" 24" -
Concorde 1997-2004 24" 22" -
Intrepid 1993-2004 24" 22" -
Imperial 1990-1993 18" 18" -
PT Cruiser 2009 20" 21" 16"
Town & Country 2008-2009 26" 20"
Sebring 2007-2009 24" 22" -
Voyager 2001-2003 26" 26" 16"
Chevrolet Models
Check out the sizes of wiper blades for the car models manufactured by Chevrolet motor company.

Chevrolet Models Launch Year Wiper Size
Driver Side Passenger Side Rear Side
Silverado 1998-2004 22" 22" -
Malibu 1997-2007 22" 22" -
Corvette 1994-2004 22" 22" -
Cobalt 2005-2009 22" 16" -
Camero 2000 24" 21"
Caprice 1991-1996 22" 22" 16"
Cavalier 1995-2005 22" 16" -
Blazer 1995-2005 20" 20" -
Astro 1985-2004 18" 18" -
Avalanche 2008-2009 22" 22" -
Since there are many car manufacturers, it is not possible to list all of them here. If the wiper size for your car model is not listed here, then the information will surely be provided on the car manufacturer's web site or the car's manual.
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