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Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Wireless tire pressure monitoring systems are designed to keep track of the air pressure inside pneumatic tires of automobiles and other vehicles. To know more about these systems, read on...
Kanika Khara
Wireless tire pressure monitoring systems (WTPMS), also known as tire pressure indication systems (TPIS), report realtime tire pressure information to the driver, either through a pictogram, gage, or a simple low pressure warning light. These systems remotely measure the pressure and temperature, and automatically warn the driver if the pressure in one or more tires falls below a preset value. Hence, such systems help avoid any drastic situations from happening, like losing control of the vehicle while driving or a tire being torn due to a flat.

A drop in tire pressure could be due to a puncture caused by a nail or any other object, poor seal between the tire and wheel, or a change in ambient temperature. A wireless tire pressure monitoring system not only helps in detecting a flat tire, but also determines:
  • Low front pressure during under-steering and low rear pressure during over-steering.
  • Over or under inflation that decreases tire life and increases fuel consumption.
  • Hydroplaning or aquaplaning, which is a big risk, as there is no road contact in the center of the tire beyond speeds of 100km/h.
  • Wrong tire pressure that disturbs the suspension control.
The TPMS monitor can be charged by 2 AAA batteries or a vehicle cigarette lighter. It comprises 4 easy to install valve caps which transfer pressure data to a dashboard-mounted unit, which displays the information in real time. The dashboard unit, also known as 'wireless master', can be plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter port, or can be used with rechargeable batteries that last for about a week between charges.

General Features of Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • External tire sensors secured with anti-theft fittings.
  • Pressure alarms when the pressure drops below or rises above the adjusted range.
  • Temperature alarms when tire temperature crosses a fixed range.
  • Simple read out graphic icon.
  • Increases tire expectancy and improves fuel consumption.
  • Increases driving safety and decreases braking distance.
  • Reduces CO2 and rubber wastage.
  • Immediately detects air leakage and tire overheating problems.
  • Easily programmable pressure and temperature range.
  • Works even when the car is stationary.
  • Highly accurate and not affected by bumpy roads.
Gates AirAware Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Gates AirAware Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an outstanding automotive safety product released by Repco, Australia's largest automotive retail and trade supplier of automotive parts and accessories to enhance road safety and minimize the risks of road accidents. It is completely wireless and has sensors located on each wheel. This provides the driver with accurate tire temperature and air pressure information. Using two AA batteries, its dash-mounted display unit immediately alerts the driver of any slow air leak, tire damage, or puncture well before a potential delamination (burst tire or blow out). The sensors transmit information via radio frequency to the on-board receiver to alert the driver of any changes in tire pressure. The system also monitors the air pressure of the spare tire, which is another important factor that we usually ignore.