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Best Car Wax

Best Car Wax

Car wax forms a protective layer over your car's surface which ensures that your car's exteriors stay in the best condition for years. Hence, choosing the best car wax, and applying it in the recommended way, becomes an integral part of car maintenance.
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Did You Know?
Hans Anwander, a Swiss businessman developed 'Antikwachs' in 1930, to polish his antiques and furniture, but found it worked miracles on cars. Today, it produces premium car waxes under the name 'Swissvax'.

Keeping your car in a good condition needs regular maintenance. While you get it checked regularly to ensure that it runs smooth, taking care of its exteriors is equally essential. Car owners might be aware that car waxing is a very important part of auto detailing. Car wax forms a protective layer on the car's surface, safeguarding its color and glaze. This ensures that the automobile color lasts longer and also restricts surface damage caused while washing, exposure to UV rays, or minor scratches. While you can take your car to a professional to get it waxed, you can also do this task yourself with easy car waxing tips. But choosing the best car wax is an important part of the process, as a good car wax will give a better shine and longer lasting protection to your automobile.
Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0.
This wax promises to be an alternative to traditional wax by offering some hi tech advantages to the user. Tech wax 2.0 is actually a paint sealant with ESP (Engineered Synthetic Polymers) which creates a bond between the sealant and your car paint giving it added protection. The company recommends using a traditional wax over the Tech Wax 2.0 to achieve the wet shine, if so desired. Tech Wax 2.0 is also clear coat approved as it has safe abrasives and compounds. A thorough wash is a must before applying this wax. It comes in 18 oz. bottles priced at around $16 and is available online. The applicator pad is also included in the pack.
Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste
Although pastes require more time and effort to apply and then wipe, a good Carnauba wax coating will give you results no other wax can. Mothers California Gold delivers a high gloss and superior protection against elements. Mothers has a waxing platform which it calls The Ultimate Wax System and involves three products. The California Gold Pre-Wax Cleaner, which removes dirt and grime, old wax and oxidized paint, prepping your car for sealers. The second stage is to apply the California Gold Sealer and Paste which helps lock the paint in and preserve the after wax shine of your car. Finall, Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste can be applied to the car and its pure Carnauba formula with soft non abrasive compounds brings a long-lasting shine and durable protection. It comes in 12 ounce containers at about $18, and can be purchased online. All three products can also be bought together for around $33.
Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish
Made with a blend of silicone polymers the Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish gives a high shine and durable paint protection. The USP of this wax is a visible reduction in the white residue normally found after wax jobs, stuck in hard to reach areas like trims and windows. For even better results the use of a clay bar is recommended prior to waxing, so one can start off with a clean smooth surface. It can be bought online in 8 ounce packs for about $11.27. An added benefit is the included applicator pad and micro fiber towel in the pack for ease of use.
Zymol Carbon Wax
Zymol Carbon Wax is a mild but high quality wax having a mix of Carnauba and beeswax. It is actually a 'zyme' that turns to wax after application bonding with the paint and has a high content of Carnauba wax, up to 37%. It also contains a mix of coconut oil, propolis (a natural resin produced by bees to seal their hives), mountain oil and banana oil. It works wonders on cars with dark paint jobs as it enhances the color rather than just giving a mirror like sheen to the surface. Zymol Carbon Wax can also be applied after a coating of Zymol Liquid Cleanse which is a polish and cleans the body work of free radicals and other contaminants before the actual wax job. Zymol Carbon Wax comes in 8 ounce bottles at about $49.95. The Zymol 201 Hd Cleanse comes in an 8.5 ounce bottle and retails for around $26 online.

Types of Car Wax
  • Natural wax: Made from natural ingredients, Carnauba being the most commonly used, Carnauba-based wax is known to last for 1-2 month, and is the most preferred car wax for new and old cars. Carnauba wax is also known as Brazilian wax as it comes from the plant Copernica Prunifera, grown only in certain regions of Brazil. It gives a high glossy finish when applied and is used in many products such as glazing confectionery or pharmaceuticals, shoe polish and even used to toughen and waterproof leather.
  • Synthetic wax: Contains chemical ingredients which give the same effect as any natural wax, with features like lower-cost and ease of application. Synthetic waxes are mostly made from polyethylene (common plastic).
  • Liquid wax: They are good for cleaning and are durable, however, require a bit of patience to apply uniformly.
  • Sprays: For waxing on the run. Sprays are the least durable but they are the easiest to apply taking just 15-20 minutes for an average sized car.

When to Wax your Car
There are a few ways in which you can judge how good your car wax really is, and when your car needs a fresh coat of wax:
  • The Time Test: Most car waxes tend to dull after about 3 weeks, the really good ones can last up to 45 days, depending on the quality and thoroughness of application. If you keep your car outside, facing the onslaught of the elements, a new wax job can become necessary even sooner. However, if you don't always want that showroom shine, a waxing every three to four months will keep the paint in good shape.
  • The Water Bead Test: An age-old way to check your wax job. Keep a close eye on your car while you give it a wash. The water running down its surface will form little beads which stay in place. This is a good indication that the wax is still there, were it not, the water would simply spill all over the bodywork and run off in streams.
  • The Sound Test: This can be tested while wiping the car after a wash. A thick terry cloth towel can be used to wipe a particular area of the vehicle and if it squeaks or squeals while applying pressure, it's a sign that the wax on your car has worn off.

Car Waxing Tips
Here are some tips that will help you gain superior results from your wax job.
  • Wash and Dry: The body work of a car is a magnet for grime and pollution, even though it may look clean to the naked eye. Start with the nether regions of your car, the wheels, wheel wells and lower trims, then progress on to the other areas. Let the car dry for a while, then apply a spray polish on the still wet surface. After your car is completely dry use a fine towel on the paint to bring out the shine.
  • Using Clay bars: We often begin the wax job immediately after the car has been washed and dried, but using a clay bar can have tremendous impact on the final results. Clay bars can be used on the hood, doors and panels of your car and also in conjunction with a washing solution. They remove the toughest of contaminants leaving behind a smooth ready-for-wax surface.
  • Dressing: It is best to dress the trims, wheel wells and all plastic accessories near paint surfaces with an inexpensive dressing solution to prevent wax getting at them and changing the color tone. It saves time too, as one does not have to expressly remove wax from these places later on.

All the brands of car wax mentioned above are high quality value for money products which guarantee a good wax job for your car, however to pick one as 'the best' I would have to recommend Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste as it offers a complete wax solution, rather than just a good wax. Used in conjunction with its Pre-wax cleaner and wax sealer, it definitely makes for a better and longer lasting wax in comparison to the competition. The fact that it has non-abrasive compounds and pure Carnauba only goes to enhance its performance. A close second would be Zymol Carbon Wax as it too uses Carnauba and an exotic mixture of waxes and offers a cleaning platform similar to Mothers, yet the wax itself is too soft and tends to work better with darker colored cars.