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Vinyl Paint for Car Interior

Vinyl Paint for Car Interior

Painting the interiors of a car is an easy job, and nothing can be better for this than vinyl paint. You will be able to change the entire look of your vehicle from the inside. This article takes you through the steps of painting the car interiors.
Aakash Singh
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Vinyl stickers on car
Vinyl paint can give your car a new look from the inside. Moreover, you will get that feel-good factor while driving your vehicle. You can get a dashboard color you always wanted to have. If you want to do an affordable makeover to your vehicle, then you can opt for painting the interiors, especially the dash, door panels, leather items, and other plastic areas. It promises to give your vehicle a new life.


To paint the dashboard, you will need to remove the peripherals like the gear shift knobs, radio knobs, ashtray, heater vents, etc. You may also want to wash them in warm soapy water. Make sure that they dry well, you can also use a blower to dry them. Then, with a clean cloth and soapy water, wash the dashboard, steering wheel, door knobs, etc. You may need to brush a little harder, maybe with a scrub to get the dirt off properly. Then, rinse the dashboard and dry it with a clean cloth.

If you don't want some areas to be painted, you can apply masking tape on areas like the radio gauge, etc. Painter's masking tape is the best for these kinds of jobs as it can be peeled off easily and it doesn't leave any residue behind. To apply paint on hard plastic areas, you may first need to rub it gently with a fine sandpaper. Then, using a soft, dry cloth, wipe off the dust which was produced by the sandpaper. Wipe it once more with a wet cloth, which will make sure that there is no dust on it. Lastly, using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol, wipe the plastic and the dashboard, this will make sure that there is no residue on it.

Before you start painting, be sure that it has dried so that the paint sticks effectively. Use a good quality primer on the areas you want to paint. Read the manufacturer's directions for best results. Another important aspect is the type of paint you use. If you want to apply it on plastic, use a paint which is suitable for plastic, and likewise for other material. Vinyl plastic paint may produce better results. For the dashboard, you can use vinyl dash paint. Follow the manufacturer's directions for better results for the paint as well.

If you're thinking of applying it to the seats, then make sure you use the right product for it, as there are products out there specially made for these purposes. You may use vinyl upholstery paint for this. After applying one coat, let it dry thoroughly, undisturbed. Let the windows down so that it dries properly. It may take 24 hours or more for it to dry. After finishing, the interiors must be looking like that of a brand new vehicle. Install the peripherals which you had removed earlier back. Test the controls to make sure they're working right. You can also consider changing your vehicle's interior design.

What Products to Use?

Not many think of painting the inside of a new vehicle; you can do it if you want to lighten up the color a bit. You can use duplicolor vinyl or vinyl spray paint for the job. Most of the products available for these jobs come in spray cans, hence it becomes simpler for you to apply. Depending upon the shade you want, apply multiple coats if required. The more coats you apply, the darker the shade will be. While spray painting, keep the nozzle at a distance of about 16-18 inches and apply it in a smooth back-and-forth motion.

The prices of hiring a professional can be relatively high, so you may consider doing it at home, which will help you to save a lot. After completing the job, make sure that you take proper care of your vehicle by taking few simple precautions like protecting the vehicle from direct sun, protecting the dash, etc. Using a window sun blocker will help to a great extent. With proper care, the paint will last for years.