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Best Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Motor Oil

If you need to know which is the best synthetic motor oil in the market today, you have landed on the right page. Read to know the advantages of using synthetic, instead of conventional oil, and learn which are the best ones available in the market.
Omkar Phatak
If you have recently been mulling over the thought of switching over to whichever is the best synthetic motor oil for trucks or cars, then this article is for you. They are fast replacing conventional oils due to their superior properties and versatile nature. The comparison provided here will help you make a choice for your vehicle.

What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

First developed by German scientists during the second world war, synthetic motor oils were initially used in aviation and only recently have been introduced in cars. They have outclassed conventional petroleum-based oils due to their superior qualities. These oils are created from sources which are other than crude oil based materials. They are created from synthetic esters, hydrocracked oils, and polyalphaolefin base oil. Their non-crude oil origin helps them overcome problems created by conventional oils. They are engineered oils, created to suit the extreme temperature conditions that exist in the car engine.


Why should one switch over to synthetic motor oil? Here are some of the reasons for preferring synthetic oil over conventional mineral oils:
  • Leads to longevity of engine life
  • Provides extended drain intervals
  • Overcomes thermal breakdown, oxidation, and sludge problems effectively
  • Excellent viscosity performance at high and low temperatures
  • Leads to improvement in fuel economy
  • Better shear, as well as chemical stability
  • Oil losses due to evaporation are lesser
The only factor against these types of oils are their prices, which are considerably higher than those for conventional oils.

The Best Choice

The advantages mentioned above are enough to make an effective case for choosing synthetic motor oils. There are many brands available in the market, from which you could choose the best oil, which is suited to your car model and engine.

Pennzoil Platinum
Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil is easily available at most retail stores. About 5 liters of this oil will cost you USD 20. Many users have reported consistently good results after long intervals of oil change. It has a cleansing property, which can clear out most of the dirt, sludge, and deposition from inside, increasing the life and efficiency of engines.

It has excellent resistance to shear, pressure, high, and low temperatures. It is available in various grades to meet the varying requirements of different manufacturers. It also provides a long drain interval, compared to conventional oils.

AMSOIL 100% synthetic mineral oil comes at a price which is almost double of Pennzoil platinum. Many users have reported longer oil change intervals, while using this oil brand. It is designed to last long and effectively resists breakdown at high temperatures and combats heat, friction, and dirt deposition. The only minus point is the high price, which can be ignored, if budget is not an issue for you. Its USP is very long service life, which lengthens the oil change intervals and justifies the price.

Mobil 1
Another brand is Mobil 1. One of the most versatile oils, it is used in most vehicles. It prevents engine wear and performs well at low as well as high temperatures.

Consult your car mechanic, who can tell you exactly which one would be the best oil for your car model, amongst these.