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48 Cool Car Club Name Ideas That are More Than Just Amazing

48 Cool Car Club Name Ideas
When people sharing common interests get together, that party is bound to be fun. And what better place can there be to socialize with other motor vehicle-enthusiasts like yourself, than at a car club? However, if you want to establish a successful car club, you need a good name. WheelZine is up to the task with innovative car club name suggestions.
Padmini Krishna
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
What is a Car Club?
Ferrari Sports Cars
When a group of automobile buffs establish a fraternity, wherein they can regularly meet, share information or useful tips, have discussions, organize events (like motor shows, or races), or simply hang out with like-minded people, it is known as a car club.
Starting a car club is a great way to bring people who share your love for cars together under one roof, and also to provide enthusiasts an avenue to pursue their interests publicly. There are so many directions your plan of starting a car club could take; from a car-sharing portal for members, so as to reduce the environmental impact, to a group of car-racing aficionados, to a place where people can buy and sell cars or car parts, at good rates, there is a lot of potential for a small meeting of car enthusiasts to turn into something phenomenal.
But before you reach that level, you need to start from the basics. Without an attractive name, it will be difficult for you to provide your car club the "mileage" it deserves. Settling on an appropriate name completes a large portion of your task of initiating your car club. And now, that part of your job will be over in a jiffy, because WheelZine provides you with innovative ideas for car club names. We hope you are inspired by these to come up with a fantastic name that will prop your club to popularity.

DISCLAIMER: The names mentioned in this article are suggestions, and can be used for inspiration. Please check whether the name you wish to adopt for your club has been registered previously.
Names Inspired By Automobile Terms
Mustang Gt At Classic Car Show
Automobile related terms, like parts of the vehicle, driving terms, car chase-and-heist movie names, and so on, can provide brilliant inspiration for car club names. Just weave in some wordplay with the phrases, and voilà, you have a unique, and totally cool name for your car club. Also, combine the element of evil or mercilessness, for a menacing-sounding name that would attract prospective members' awe in no time!
Some Examples
Lamborghini Cars
  • Automophiles
  • A Bunch of Engine-ers
  • No Road Blocks
  • Smokin' Axles
  • Cloven Hoof Skid Tracks
  • Speedwagon Cruisers
  • The Triple Clutchers
  • Drift Kings
  • Brake Dancers
  • Savage Lowriders
  • Wind Easel
  • The Slow and The Spurious
Ideas for Names Based on Interest
The best car clubs consist of people who not only share the common bias for cars, but also, people who truly believe in the basic premise behind starting the club. Not all car clubs are for everyone. For example, if you want to start a club to bring together racing enthusiasts, you would want to ward off those aspiring members who wish to join a car club simply so that a car will be available to them whenever they need it (yes, believe it or not, some organizations totally miss the point of a "car club", and instead function in a way that they allow their members access to a luxury automobile when they need it, to use and later return). Hence, you could choose to name your club appropriately.
Some Examples
Two Sports Cars
  • Off The Beaten Trail
  • The Generals of Motor
  • Chevolters
  • Extortionate Obsessions
  • Burnt Rubber
  • The Race-ists
  • BattleStreet Rampagers
  • 'Stanger Stable
  • High-briddle
  • The Escalade-rs
  • Muddy Trailers
  • V8-ing Till Judgment Day
Ideas for Names Based on Location
Suv Cars
Generally, car clubs are more local rather than country or state-wide, and in such situations, adding the name of your place to your club's name will definitely serve to bring your group closer, as feelings of local pride will surface. But still, calling yourselves the "Chicago Car Club" is quite unimaginative. Formulate a name that has an interesting twist to it, as well as heralds your locality. It is also not a bad idea to reiterate how bad-ass you and your club's other members are, through the name.
Some Examples
Porsche Cayman Gt4 Car
  • Latin Lowriders
  • Beyond City Limits
  • Barcelona Bandits
  • Pennsylvania Rodfathers
  • Ghetto Knowbodies
  • Desert Rats
  • NYC Hoodlums
  • The Irish Car Bombs
  • San Diego Shifters
  • Islanders' Motor Sports
  • Street Dreams
  • The Rednecks CC
Funky Names to Signify Boyish Enthusiasm
Sports Car Race
Boys will be boys, no matter how old they get. And when a band of, say, even 55-year-old "boys" come together to form an elitist car club, for example, for Ferrari owners, they would love to be part of an organization having a name that screams about youth and zest. You could even pick a name that is designed along the lines of some typical boy humor. These are some quirky suggestions for an über-cool car club name.
Some Examples
Bmw Drift Car
  • Clubbin' On Wheels
  • Mother Truckers
  • Tokyo Drifters
  • Speed Demons
  • The Rising Sun Chasers
  • The Wolfpack
  • Silver Foxes
  • Knight Drivers
  • Blue Enigma CC
  • Stick Shifters
  • Bulc Rac (read it backwards)
  • Pedestrian Hitmen
These were some ideas that we had, which we felt were good bases to come up with a cool name for your car club. Hope this provided you the inspiration you needed to let your creative juices to flow.
Dragster racing down the track with burnout
Blue And Silver Race Car
Race Car In The City