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How to Install Roof Racks

Wondering How to Install Roof Racks? Here are 6 Easy Steps

Due to excess baggage why lose the thrill of traveling all comfy and carefree in your car when you can easily learn how to install roof racks on your car in a few easy steps. Read on to know more...
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Many people who own a spacious four wheeler vehicle, like a sedan or SUV, definitely hit the road and travel to different places just to spend a relaxing holiday with their family. Those are the times when one tends to pack more than what's needed on the trip. For instance, things like bicycle, a small music system or big sized suitcases all which have never been used throughout the year somehow comes into picture when it comes to traveling. So the question is where to accommodate all these things? Well, there are two options; one at the rear end of the car (where all the stuff would be jutting out of the car) and two on the roof of the car.
To many, the second option, i.e., a car top luggage carrier sounds convenient and rational. If you too come to think of it practically, the thought of placing roof racks on top of a car sounds great! This way one can make more room in the car and save enough of space while traveling. Also the drive would turn out to be much more comfortable and easygoing. Sometimes some automobile manufacturers provide factory-fit installed roof racks (rails) on the roof of the car so that the owner doesn't need to get it from elsewhere. But just in case your vehicle doesn't have a roof rack, we understand your need and thus have this write-up written just for you. Delve further into the content below and learn all about the installation.
Installing Roof Rack and Crossbars on a Car
Generally roof racks are available in various configurations and sizes to make sure they fit the top of any vehicle properly, regardless of the size and shape of that vehicle. For installing the roof rack into a crossbar style, the foremost thing you need to note is the crossbars should smoothly slide from the rear end of the roof all the way to the front. This is to be done by removing the plastic end caps present on the rails.
  • Once the above basic step is clear to you, proceed with the method by first assembling the roof rails on the top of your car. Use a flat head screwdriver and screw the side rails and the crossbars together.
  • Next, berth the entire roof rack unit on the top of the car and make sure the positions are adjusted properly leaving good amount of space at both the sides, i.e., at the center.
  • If you are still not certain with the alignment of the roof rack whether it's appropriately at the center or not, take a tape measure and measure the total distance from the front of the rails to the back of your car roof. This will give you a definite idea whether your rack is in a proper alignment or not.
  • One of the simplest ways to install roof racks on the top of your car is to use a factory-made template which is available in the form of pre-drilled holes. Make sure you get one and use it for such an installation. Place it at the side of the rail and drill a hole directly into your car's roof top using an electric drill. Repeat this procedure at both side rails for each hole.
    Note: Drilling too deep into the roof of your car could be a dangerous job and thus can be avoided by using a drill stop.
  • Get hold of a self-sealing screw from a local hardware store and nail it into the roof of your car using a screwdriver.
  • Turn and twist the thumb screws present on the sides of the roof rail so that you can easily loosen it. Later, gently slide them to your desired position and also adjust the width you want it at.
Well, practically your job of installing roof racks on your car is completed over here. If you wish to give a finished look to your vehicle, what you can do is take a dry cloth and wipe all the extra metal shavings that got scattered around on the roof of your car. Also dispose out all the remnants like screws, nuts, and metal parts that were used in the process.
The task of putting up some racks and rails on the roof of the car sounds a bit daunting at first, but honestly the job gets done within an hour's time, that too with simple hand tools. Roof racks are definitely a convenient way to accommodate suitcases, equipment, bicycles and all that extra baggage one needs while traveling from place to place.
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