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Lightweight Travel Trailers

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Its something that's a lot more different from any of your regular upgraded tent trailers. There's a lot more comfort involved because there's more space. The combination of sleek, classy, low profile, and lightweight makes these trailer, very simply, every campers' dream towing travel trailer...
Natasha Bantwal
Aerial View Of Trucks And Trailers
If you've been bitten by wanderlust and traveling is right up your alley , then you are probably one of those people who are always on the go and loves having fun with friends and family. If this is the case, then the lightweight travel trailer is just your thing! With a roomy cargo area and interiors, this trailer provides for a safe and secure temporary 'nest' when you are traveling to a new destination - and you don't really need to leave the comfort and convenience of living at home behind!

The first versions to come out were the towable trailers, and the latest versions - the lightweight travel trailers - have retained all the modern amenities and conveniences that the traditional vehicles provided, and they also come fully equipped with the more space, trailer accessories and facilities for cooking, showering, sleeping, dining and basically relaxing.

The practicality and versatility of these lightweight trailers make it one of the hottest camping items available in the market today. Under normal circumstances, these trailers weight around 400 pounds and are roughly 25 feet in height. So, whether you have a smaller vehicle like a SUV, pickup or even a minivan, these lightweights have been designed for convenience and safe towing. What's more, you also get a fuel mileage that's better!

Tips to Remember While Shopping

These trailers can be lowered for storage in carports and garages, making them very, very convenient. Here are some of the uses:
  • Makes for a safe towing experience - These trailers will give you just the right towing experience along with the features that you would only expect from those upright trailers. It is low profile and lightweight and gives a better mileage, making it safe and convenient for all sorts of campers.
  • Easy to set up - These trailers can be opened and closed even when its raining and you can rest assured that nothing inside will get wet. It is as easy as opening a car door - no cranks or cables required. You can even set up the whole trailer in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Spacious and Comfortable - Camp in luxury and comfort. Some trailers have insulated walls to keep you warn in winter and cool in summer. Some have luxurious interiors and spacious bathtubs for a lavish camping experience.
  • Fits easily in garages - Did you ever think it was possible to store a trailer in you garage? I don't think so! But with some of the lightweight models you can even get to choose your own swing-around tongue that helps reduce storage space considerably.
These trailers come with a wide variety of features like a push button that enables the kitchen to slide out and expand, as well as the living, sleeping and dining spaces. For a durable and well-protected floor, linoleum is set up. Apart from the basic lighting and water systems, most recreational trailers have a bonus entertainment center and a lighting package that is upgraded and promises a comfortable and luxurious trip.

These trailers are ideal for those people who want to step away from the regular tent trailers, but also don't want to deal with the pain and difficulty of towing a conventional trailer. So, go ahead and learn more about these trailers - and how they can make for the greatest camping experience you'll ever have!