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Motorcycle Lifts and Jacks

Motorcycle Lifts and Jacks
When you're working on your bike, it's important that the motorcycle lift or jack that you're using is reliable. The last thing you want happening is your motorcycle lift collapsing or becoming unsteady. In this following WheelZine article, we provide a list of some of the best motorcycle lifts and jacks for you to choose from.
Ranjan Shandilya
Did You Know?
A motorcycle lift and a motorcycle jack imply the same thing.

A motorcycle lift is ideal for conducting maintenance on your motorcycle, like changing the fluids or just washing the bike from headlamp to tail. Lifts are gaining a lot of market as more and more bikers are taking on the responsibility of maintaining their own bikes. As a result, various models of lifts are now available for sports bikes, street bikes, race bikes, cruisers, choppers, custom bikes, and ATVs. The main differences between these lifts are the weight capacity that they support and the style of the wheel frame―both these factors have to be considered very carefully, because using an incorrect type of lift could leave scratches on your bike or damage the brakes with the wrong type of wheel secure.
The two common types of motorcycle lifts available are Air lifts and Hydraulic motorcycle lifts.
Some of the points that you should keep in mind before purchasing a lift are:
  • How high do you want the platform to rise
  • Where will the lift be used
  • How long will you be leaving the bike on the lift
  • What type of security you require
  • How big is the bike
People with a lot of experience with lifts believe that the best types of lifts for motorcycles are table lifts. These have a strong and secure base, and are either manual or electric in terms of raising and lowering the table. It should also have a chock to firmly attach the front wheel and eyebolts, or some alternative method to secure the bike to the lifts with straps, and most importantly, a mechanism to lock the lift in place when raised. A few of the latest motorcycle jacks and lifts in the market today have a few improvements. For e.g. the Pitbull Motorcycle Lift comes with a turn table, which can enable a bike to be rotated with the release of a retaining pin.
Best Motorcycle Lifts in the Market
Kendon's Stand-Up motorcycle lifts as claimed by the company can do just about anything a lift should do, and all this by taking up minimum space. They feature narrower lift tables that enable you to get as up-close with the bike as possible. A few of their top-rated products are as follows:
The Cruiser Bike Lift:
The lift has a capacity of 1000 lbs which means that it can cater to almost every bike on the road. It has a 90 inch table, that's made narrow to decrease bending over too much.
Price: USD 749.95

The Chopper Lift:
This lift has a 1000 lb capacity and a narrow lift table, however, it can fit a motorcycle that is 115 inches long.
Price: USD 825.95

The Sport Bike Lift:
This lift isn't as long as the previous one, however, it does cater to all types of sports bikes, scooters, street bikes etc. It is 78 inches long and has a capacity of 600 lbs.
Price: USD 685.95

Pro Cycle is considered to be one of the best motorcycle lift manufacturers in the U.S. They have a standard ramp size for their lifts and are all air operated. Their top-rated products are as follows:
The Pro Cycle DT:
The DT stands for Drop Tail which allows easy access to wheel repairs. Without the ramp, they measure to a standard 93 inches, and with the ramp to 113 inches.
Price: $675.00

The Pro Cycle XLT:
The 12 inch side extensions make sure that you have that extra rest if needed, and the dolly allows you to make your lift mobile. Has a capacity of 1000 lbs and is perfect for ATVs and motorcycles.
Price: $874.00

Pro Cycle XLT DT:
Very similar to the DT model earlier discussed, the only difference is that the XLT now has a Drop Tail too to facilitate easy wheel repairs. The removable approach ramp is 20 inches.
Price: $910

Black Widow
All Black Widow motorcycle jacks come with a standard front wheel clamp and a removable back panel so that you can service your motorcycle's back wheel. Their top-rated products are as follows.
This lift has a 9 inch front tire clamp that is very useful. Its 1000 lb capacity that ensures that no motorcycle is too much for this lift. Its rear removable ramp is a healthy 24 inches long.
Price: $668.97

It has a simple foot pedal which is just so convenient to fit just about anywhere. It has an impressive 1500 lbs lifting capacity, along with 3 position safety lock arms and rubber contact pads.
Price: $104.97

This home maintenance model comes with a 1000 lb lifting capacity and wheels that enable its mobility. It has a rear removable panel and an over-sized front tire clamp.
Price: $250.00

Designed to reduce worker discomfort, this motorcycle lift is ergonomic in every way. These lifts have received quite good reviews and are normally chosen only by professionals. They're designed for both motorcycles and ATVs and are adjustable to comfortable working heights.
Optional side tables are available with this ramp. They come with an extra-wide drive-up ramp. Among the fastest loading ramps, they take up to just 10 seconds or so to raise their load. With a work area of 97x48 inches and a loading capacity of 1000 lbs, this lift will suit almost any bike.
Price: $1,135

RML-1100 Motorcycle/ATV Jack:
This inexpensive motorcycle jack has a lifting capacity of 1100 lbs and facilitates a height raise of 16 inches. According to the company, this model replaced the 800 and offered an additional 300 lb lifting capacity.
Price: $125.00

Sears Craftsman Motorcycle Jack Stand
With a huge array of motorcycle jacks and lifts, Sears specializes in inexpensive but practical and durable jacks. They are available at most motorcycle lift stores and don't hit your budget too much. Its user reviews too are pretty decent to go by.
Craftsman Motorcycle/ATV Jack:
This jack has a 1500 lb carrying capacity and a fast action pump to raise the vehicle. Includes tie-down straps and locking screws to increase overall stability.
Price: $107.99

Craftsman Professional 1500 lb. Motorcycle/ATV Jack:
With a carrying capacity of 1500 lbs it is quite light in weight at 44 lbs. However, it has a low clearance that will not facilitate a lot of heavy work.
Price: $179.99

Atlas Lifts
Atlas offers lifts that are durable and long-standing. Being pneumatic in nature, they can take on a lot of load. Their catalog varies from the inexpensive to the heavy-duty ones. Let's have a look at a few Atlas motorcycle jacks and lifts.
Atlas HI-RISE 1500 Motorcycle/ATV Lift:
For the true biker this heavy-duty lift comes with a whopping 1650 lb capacity. It has a removable rear drop section and a chopper extension that goes up to 100 ¾ inches.
Price: $1,795.00

Atlas Cycle Lift 1000 lbs Capacity:
The chopper extension on this lift adds a full 13 inches to make it a total of 106 inches in length. A complete lift, it includes an adjustable wheel and a foot valve.
Price: $1,145.00

Atlas Cycle Lift XLT:
This lift has a carrying capacity of 1000 lbs and a total length of 113 inches. The removable approach ramp is 20 inches long, and the lift offers a maximum height of 33 inches.
Price: $949.00

J & S Jacks
They offer heavy-duty motorcycle jacks that are perfect for a biker to sit and tinker with his machine for hours on end. These lifts offer huge lifting capacities at 2000 lbs and wheels to comfortably place your bike where ever you want to. Their product the Big Wheel Motorcycle Lift saves a lot of garage space, and keeps your bike rock-solid on the stand. It has a 2 yr warranty and can service just about any bike.
Price: $419.95
How to Use a Motorcycle Lift Effectively
  • The best way to use a motorcycle lift is to first slide it under the motorcycle, lock the revolving rear wheels, and then press the pedal of the hydraulic jack which lifts the motorcycle.
  • It is generally agreed that the lift works best when the motorcycle is in such a position such that it is positioned vertically with the rear end up on a swing-arm stand. 
  • However, if you do not have a swing-arm stand, then make sure that the motorcycle is parked nearly vertical with something like a piece of wood under the side stand to minimize the lean. 
  • After ensuring that you have enough clearance on the right side for the exhaust, the lift can be pushed under the engine from the side opposite to the side stand. 
  • It is important to remember that if any leverage is added to the front or the rear of the motorcycle, then the lift or the motorcycle will most likely tip. Anchoring the motorcycle to the lift may seem to be a good idea but this will not prevent the tipping. As a matter of fact, in this scenario, both the lift and the motorcycle will tip together. 
  • To return the motorcycle to its normal position, you will have to tighten the jack valve and pump the lift jack until the safety bar is released. Place the safety bar in a locked position and slowly release the valve thereby lowering the motorcycle to its parked position after confirming that the side stand is down. 
The Internet is a good place to look up the various types of lifts that are being offered from various companies. Reviews of them are also available on plenty of sites. You can even place your order online. The cost usually is inclusive of shipping charges. Also, various discounts are offered at varying times. Keep an eye out for them. Remember that when you're thinking about purchasing a lift you should always think safety, strength, and reliability. Yes, the cost is an important factor too, but that should not compel you to compromise on the quality. Your bike and your safety while you are under it are far more important.