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List of Famous Car Company Logos With Their Names

List of Famous Car Company Logos With Their Names

Car makers are identified by their logos, and many logos have become as iconic as the car companies themselves. Here is a list of the logos of famous car companies along with their names.
Tanmay Tikekar
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017
Did You Know?
The famous Ferrari 'prancing horse' is actually called cavallino rampante in Italian. It became the insignia of Ferrari after Enzo Ferrari had it painted on his racing car in 1923. He had it painted in honor of Italian WWI hero Francesco Baracca, who used to paint a similar horse on the side of his plane.
The Prancing Horse, the Raging Bull, the Spirit of Ecstasy, the Flying 'B'... these are not characters from the latest fantasy novel. These are, in fact, the names of some of the most famous car logos in the world. The Prancing Horse and the Raging Bull, logos of Ferrari and Lamborghini, respectively, signify the quintessential Italian supercar better than anything else, while the Flying Lady and the Flying B, symbols of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, respectively, stand for the most luxurious mode of travel you can have on the road.

Many such logos of car companies have become famous over the years, and are now instantly recognizable. The success of Honda and Toyota means that their stylized 'H' and 'T' logos are easily recognized all over the world, while the success of the German automobile industry can be seen in the widespread acknowledgement of the trident of Mercedes-Benz or the four rings of Audi.

Here is a list of some of the most famous car logos in the automobile world.
Famous Car Logos with Names
Alfa Romeo
Company: Alfa Romeo
Founded: 1910
Famous Models: Spider, 4C, 8C
Aston Martin Hood Ornament
Company: Aston Martin
Founded: 1913
Famous Models: DB5, DB9, Vanquish, Vantage
Audi Sign At Car Dealership
Company: Audi
Founded: 1932
Famous Models: Quattro, TT, R8
Bmw Logo
Company: BMW
Founded: 1916
Famous Models: M3, M5, Z4
Bentley Sign
Company: Bentley
Founded: 1919
Famous Models: Continental GT, Arnage
Bugatti Name
Company: Bugatti
Founded: 1909
Famous Models: Veyron
Cadillac Crest
Company: Cadillac
Founded: 1902
Famous Models: CTS, Escalade
Chevrolet Logo
Company: Chevrolet
Founded: 1911
Famous Models: Corvette, Camaro
Citroen Logo
Company: Citroen
Founded: 1919
Famous Models: 2CV, DS
Ferrari Logo
Company: Ferrari
Founded: 1929
Famous Models: 250 GTO, Enzo, 458, 599, F12 Berlinetta, LaFerrari
Wet Fiat Emblem
Company: Fiat Automobiles
Founded: 1899
Famous Models: 500, Panda, Barchetta
Ford Logo
Company: Ford
Founded: 1903
Famous Models: Mustang, F150, Fiesta
Honda Logo
Company: Honda
Founded: 1946
Famous Models: Accord, City
Hyundai Dealership Signage
Company: Hyundai
Founded: 1967
Famous Models: Accent, Santa Fe
Infiniti Logo
Company: Infiniti
Founded: 1989
Famous Models: Q50, FX
Jeep Logo Sign
Company: Jeep
Founded: 1941
Famous Models: Willys MB, Wrangler
Kia Motors Sign
Company: Kia
Founded: 1957
Famous Models: Cee'd, Optima
Lamborghini Logo
Company: Lamborghini
Founded: 1963
Famous Models: Miura, Diablo, Murcielago, Aventador
Lancia Automobile
Company: Lancia
Founded: 1906
Famous Models: Stratos, Fulvia, Delta Integrale
Land Rover Dealership Sign
Company: Land Rover
Founded: 1978 (Brand name first used by Rover in 1948, for a model called 'Land Rover')
Famous Models: Defender, Range Rover
Lexus Logo
Company: Lexus
Founded: 1989
Famous Models: LFA
Lotus Logo
Company: Lotus
Founded: 1952
Famous Models: Evora, Elise, Exige
Maserati Logo
Company: Maserati
Founded: 1914
Famous Models: Quattroporte, GranTurismo
Mazda Motor Corporation
Company: Mazda
Founded: 1920
Famous Models: RX-8, MX-5
Mercedes Benz Logo
Company: Mercedes Benz
Founded: 1926
Famous Models: C-Class, S-Class, SL-Class, SLS AMG
Mitsubishi Motors
Company: Mitsubishi
Founded: 1970
Famous Models: Lancer Evolution X
Nissan Sign Against Blue Sky
Company: Nissan
Founded: 1933
Famous Models: GT-R, Leaf, Micra
Opel Logo
Company: Opel
Founded: 1862
Famous Models: Insignia, Astra
Porsche Logo
Company: Porsche
Founded: 1931
Famous Models: 911, Carrera, 959
Renault Sign
Company: Renault
Founded: 1899
Famous Models: Cleo, Twingo, Espace
Rolls Royce Hood
Company: Rolls-Royce
Founded: 1906
Famous Models: Phantom, Silver Shadow
Skoda Superb Car
Company: Skoda
Founded: 1895
Famous Models: Yeti, Fabia
Subaru Outdoor Dealership Sign
Company: Subaru
Founded: 1953
Famous Models: Impreza, Legacy
Suzuki Logo
Company: Suzuki
Founded: 1909
Famous Models: Swift
Toyota Logo
Company: Toyota
Founded: 1937
Famous Models: Corolla, Prius
Volskwagen Logo
Company: Volkswagen
Founded: 1937
Famous Models: Beetle, Polo, Golf
Company: Buick
Founded: 1899
Famous Models: LeSabre, Riviera
Company: Chrysler
Founded: 1925
Famous Models: Crossfire, 300
Company: Dodge
Founded: 1915
Famous Models: Charger, Challenger, Viper
Company: Jaguar
Founded: 1922
Famous Models: E-Type, F-Type
Company: Lada
Founded: 1966
Famous Models: Riva, Niva
Company: Lincoln
Founded: 1917
Famous Models: Navigator, Town Car
Company: Volvo
Founded: 1927
Famous Models: XC90, S60