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How to Temporarily Repair a Muffler with Tape

How to Temporarily Repair a Muffler with Tape

A muffler is a device that is installed in an automobile's exhaust system, and it silences the noise coming from the exhaust of the internal combustion engine. The car would produce a loud noise, if this device gets damaged. One can apply a muffler repair tape on the damaged part of the device to reduce this noise. However, this is just a temporary measure.
Smita Pandit
Car Exhaust Pipe
A muffler is an important component of the exhaust system of automobiles. It is basically a set of tubes and chambers that is located underneath, at the rear end of an automobile. It not only muffles the noise that is created by the car engine, but also reduces fuel emission. If this device gets damaged, the car would greatly contribute to noise pollution.

How Does a Muffler Work?

Noise is created when fuel burns in the combustion chamber of the engine. The exhaust gas does not escape in a continuous flow. It comes out with a high velocity. The exhaust valve opens and closes in rapid motion due to the gas moving in the exhaust pipe in spurts. All this leads to the generation of pressure waves. If the muffler is not working, this pressure wave reaches the ear and these are converted into impulses, which are then interpreted by the brain as sound.

This device has a set of tubes with holes and a resonating chamber that are designed in such a way that it obstructs these pressure waves and bounces them around. This creates an opposing pressure wave of equal amplitude. These pressure waves are of equal amplitude, but are working in opposite directions. They nullify each other, thereby canceling the noise from the exhaust gases. Eventually, the gases come out of the exhaust pipe that is present at the rear section of the vehicle.

If this device has developed cracks or holes due to corrosion or any other reason, one must get it repaired or replaced. If the noise is bothering you, you can temporarily reduce the noise by applying a muffler repair tape on the damaged section. This is a thick aluminum foil tape that is used for sealing hot metallic surfaces.

Instructions for Applying the Tape

As with any metallic car part, even the muffler can also get damaged due to corrosion. Those living in humid areas often face this problem. The exhaust hangers that hold this device might also become loose. To check if the device is firmly attached to the hangers, turn off your car and jack it up. Look for holes or any signs of damage in the exhaust system. If you notice cracks or holes, you can patch the holes using the tape.

All you need to do is wrap the tape around the damaged area. Patch the holes with several layers of this tape. This strong self-adhesive and pressure sensitive tape uses the heat coming from the exhaust system to bind to the device and stays securely attached to it. Though this tape will surely bring down the noise, this must not be conceived as a permanent solution. It is just a temporary solution that can reduce the noise till you get this device repaired or replaced.

Since this device reduces the fuel emissions, you must not make any delays in getting it repaired. The cost of repairing this device will depend on a variety of factors such as the car model and the extent of damage. The cost will be more for high-end cars, especially when the device needs to be replaced.

If your car muffler has been damaged and the noise coming from the car engine is driving you insane, use this self-adhesive, pressure sensitive tape for patching the damaged part temporarily. Don't look at this as a permanent solution. Do take your vehicle to a car repair workshop at the earliest.