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Muffler Tips Installation

Muffler Tips Installation

Want to have trendy muffler for your car? Here's information about choosing the right muffler and further installing it.
Mamta Mule
Muffler is a primary part of an automobile's exhaust system. The muffler is located underneath the rear section of a car and the muffler tips are located at the outer end of this system. These muffler tips stay slightly out of the rear end and are hence easily visible from backside. Basically a muffler helps reduce fuel emission and lower the tremendous noise produced by an engine. You will know the importance of a muffler only when it's damaged, upon which it causes extreme noise. Muffler is among the most neglected car parts, probably due to its location. You might be wondering what do muffler tips do, and do they reduce the engine noise? Well, let me tell you that they too are a part of the car exhaust system, but just add to the looks of your vehicle. Easily visible from the rear side, these add a unique charm to your automobile. Muffler tips are among the car accessories that are a hot favorite of many. As there are many types of exhaust tips available in the market, you would definitely find a piece suitable for your auto. So, once you grab a set of muffler tips, follow the instructions on muffler tips installation given below to have them fixed up rightly.

Install Muffler Tips

Choose the Right Size
The first step of installation is choosing the right sized muffler tip. You need to consider various dimensions of muffler ends while choosing a perfect fitting muffler tip. The diameter of the inlet end of a muffler tip needs to match with that of the car's tail pipe. The next important dimension to be considered is diameter of outer edge of muffler tip. The outer edge of muffler tip is now going to be the new exhaust vent opening. You must also check whether this goes well with the bumper cut-out size of your automobile. The last dimension that you need to consider is, total length of the exhaust tip that you will be choosing. Though these are supposed to be prominent from the rear, they should not be too long. Too long exhaust tips can cause a safety hazard.

Choose the Muffler Tip
This is the most exciting part is choosing the perfect style. You have a lot of options in muffler tip styles, shapes and sizes. As mentioned above, learn the dimensions thoroughly before you go to shop for this stylish accessory. You can choose from single to dual tips. Shapes available are square, round and oval. Well, the choice of shape also depends upon car bumper cut-out. You can pick chrome plated mild steel or stainless steel tips. It is best to opt for stainless steel tips as chrome plated are more prone to rust.

Fitting the Muffler Tip
Start installation when the vehicle is cold. First you must clean your car's tail pipe and the exhaust tip as well. Buy a commercial cleaner, specially formulated for this purpose. Apply automotive grease to the muffler tip's inlet. Now, slide it into car's tail pipe. Unable to do so? Just wrap a small towel to the outer edge of muffler tip and push it into the car's tail pipe. Take help of a rubber mallet to tap it inside.

Some models have a clamp on tip which makes the job of fixing muffler tip with tail pipe easier with help of a few screws. Some tips need to be welded with the pipe at the joint. After this step is done, the installation procedure is over.

So, here's your car with great looking muffler tips. Start off the engine and flaunt these muffler tips as you accelerate.