How to Replace a Sun Visor on a Car

Sun visor replacement can be done at home. It's easy and cost-effective. In this article we have explained you the basic technique of replacing a sun visor. Check out.
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Incorrect placement of sun visors and their inefficiency to guard sunrays are likely to cause road mishaps while driving. They are prone to wear and tear and require immediate replacement. The good thing about replacing a sun visor is, you can do it easily at home without taking help from a mechanic. First you have to remove the old sun visor and then replace with the new one. All you require is a proper arrangement of screw divers and screws. Check out the general steps.
  • You have to locate the visor's mounting bracket before replacing it.
  • Screws are attached with the visor for holding it in place and you have to remove them.
  • Now take a flat headed screw driver and gently take the screw out with it. While doing this, ensure that the plastic of the visor is not torn.
  • Start unscrewing from the base of the visor with the screwdriver. Keep the screws in a specific place to avoid losing them.
  • Once the screws are loosened, remove the visor from the base of the headliner. Give a gentle tug to remove the visor.
  • Place the new visor in the same position, along with the screws.
  • Place the screws in the same position from where they were removed. Start screwing it in the opposite direction and tighten the screw with the help of a screw driver.
That was the most simple technique for replacing a sun visor. The models vary according to brands and you should pick the right one for your car. For example, Ford's sun visor differs from Honda's and vice versa. Go for a good quality visor capable of providing maximum protection to your eyes while driving. Replacement Sun Visor, Charcoal, 72-86 Jeep CJ, Rugged Ridge Replacement Sun Visors, etc are some of the quality products. They are durable and have metal attachment rods for providing additional support. Make sure that it matches the interior of your car or else the beauty of your luxury vehicle can be marred.
Replacing Sun Visor for Autos
Sun visors are required not only for cars but also for auto rickshaws. The purpose of the sun shade is definitely the same. It protects the driver's eyes and keeps the inside of the vehicle cool in sunny days. You can replace the visor with a handmade visor or purchase a new visor from automobile stores. The mechanics behind replacing an auto's sun visor is same as that of a car. Here we have explained you the process of making a sun visor at home.
  • You need a cardboard, paper, paint and knife to make a sunshade.
  • Cut the cardboard in proper shape and cover it with the paper. Glue it to the cardboard or tape it.
  • Now cut a notch on the top of the cardboard as wide as the rear view mirror.
  • Tuck the sunshade or the sun visor under the mirror.
  • If the edges bulge out, just trim off to the exact size.
  • Now paint the sunshade with the colors of your choice and let it dry.
If you know these techniques, then you need not call a mechanic to get the sun visor replaced. Keep the tools in your garage and make use of them while replacing car parts.
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