Vanity Plate Ideas

Having a vanity plate or customized plate can give your vehicle a personalized touch. This article lists some stylish vanity plate ideas.
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There are many versions of naming a license plate and it can be called vanity or personalized plate in the U.S., personalized vehicle registration in U.K., and custom plate in Australia and New Zealand. Though you need to shell out a little extra money to get the license plates of your choice custom-made, it's worth the pay. These plates stay with your forever and make for some fun memories about your favorite car or motorcycle.
Vanity plates are well-known for their witty and stylish names and conversions of numbers and alphabets, and thus many youngsters and celebrities love to get one for their vehicles. Also, it gives you an identity which you can relate to as yourself.
Ideas for Vanity Plates
A number of jurisdictions all over the world have their own color schemes and designs for such plates and give the complete freedom to civilians to have them custom-made. There are many vanity plates which are made in the national languages of these countries as well. Such plates look very attractive and they classify certain people from the crowd. Usually, celebrities try to have their names or numbers made for their license plates. Some such ideas are funny and some are very innovative.
Car Vanity Plates
Mostly everyone needs a car once they're in college or sometimes even high school. You get to see many personalized license plates on students' cars which are fun to read. Sometimes they're vague and sometimes very interesting. If you are someone who would like to stand out of the crowd, then give your license plate that "ME" punch with these cool ideas.
  • STUNNER - (Stunner)
  • STRSTRK - (Star Struck)
  • HOTSTRK - (Hot Streak)
  • HI RLER - (Hi Roller)
  • UR HOT - (You're Hot)
  • NEW2U - (New To You)
  • ALLHNDS - (All Hands)
  • IMSINGL - (I'm Single)
  • HEDS UP - (Heads Up)
  • IML8 - (I'm Late)
  • JSTMIST - (Just Missed)
  • CAR TUN - (Cartoon or Car Tune)
  • THNKMYX - (Thank My Ex)
  • BLAZING - (Blazing)
  • BLU IS - (Blue Eyes)
  • VOLCNIC - (Volcanic)
  • H1P HoP - (Hip Hop)
  • REAL L8 - (Real Late)
  • IMALOCL - (I'm A Local)
  • SHOWTIM - (Show Time)
Motorcycle Vanity Plates
Bikes are something every guy wishes to own at least once in his lifetime. And if you own an RS-25 Phoenix, a BMW, a Kawasaki Ninja, or even a good old Harley Davidson, you would probably want a fancy vanity plate to go with it. A motorcycle is something very personal and it stays yours for life. Hence, if you want to give your favorite bike a unique and personalized touch, name it with any of these ideas listed below.
  • PASHNIT - (Passionate)
  • BUSSA - (Hayabusa)
  • FAAST - (Fast)
  • IXLR8 - (Exhilarate)
  • MEANIE - (Mean)
  • HOTWHL- (Hot wheels)
  • GAMR - (Gamer)
  • ISEDSO - (I Said So)
  • LSTWORD - (Last Word)
  • CATWOMN - (Cat Woman)
  • STRTHAK - (Street Hawk)
  • VGASCHK - (Vegas Chick)
  • HOTZZZ - (Hots, Hot Z)
  • BALUOUT - (Bail You Out)
  • HIKEIT - (Hike it)
You can come up with some of your own unique ideas as well. So ride along with those FREWHL (Fire Wheels) and turn those heads when you zoom away.
Vanity License Plate
MRSNOOPY' numberplate- New York, USA