Dent Repair Cost

A dent in the car proves to be ugly and spoils the entire look of your car. In this article, we will discuss a dent repair cost, and also see how to repair a dent.
WheelZine Staff
Average Cost for Dent Repair
Dent Size in Diameter Cost
1" dent $75 - $100
1" - 1½" dent $100 - $125
1½ - 2" dent $125 - $150
2" - 2½" dent $150 - $175
2½" - 3" dent $175 - $200

The procedure to repair a dent is actually quite simple and you can do it yourself, if you have ample time and the required tools. However, if you are not going to do this work yourself, you can go to a mechanic and get the dent fixed. Mechanics are experts in doing this kind of work and therefore the repair would be so good that you'll hardly be able to find any defect after the task is completed! But all this comes with a price tag! The average cost of dent repair depends upon the size and complexity of the dent. A dent of about 1 - 2 inches is will cost around $100 - $150, whereas, a 3 - 4 inch large dent is repaired at a cost of about $200 or more. However, it should be noted that the above mentioned paintless dent removal cost varies according to the location and also the local labor charges incurred. Also, sometimes the denting is so bad that the whole part needs to be changed, which will then incur costs of different proportions all together.
How to Repair a Dent
Repairing a dent is not a very difficult procedure. In fact, it one of the easiest 'do it yourself' task, provided you are quite good at external vehicle repairs and also have fair knowledge of the auto parts. This task can be completed in a couple of hours. Here's how to repair a dent.
  • You will need dent repair tools such as the drill, spray primer, dent puller, sandpaper, disc for medium surface-conditioning, wooden block, dolly, body filler, 3 - 4 mm drill bit, a hammer, and some vehicle paint.
  • With all these tools in hand, you can now move on to repairing the dent.
  • Determine the mid-point of the dent and then prepare a hole using the drilling machine.
  • Now take the dent puller through the drilled hole and pull the dent puller, in order to straighten the dent.
  • Further, start hammering the frontal side of the dent and simultaneously hold the dolly at its rear side.
  • Now, with the help of the medium surface-conditioning disc on the drill, grate the paint, which is lying at a radius of 1 inch around the dent.
  • Use a body filler to fill up the affected area.
  • Once the body filler dries, sand out the area with the help of a sandpaper and apply about 5 - 6 layers of spray primer on the affected area.
  • Now, once again apply sandpaper to the primer and clear out all the scratches on the dent.
  • Finally, paint the dent with a paint color and material similar to that of the entire vehicle, and you are done.
Even a small dent can spoil the overall look of your vehicle! So you need to repair it immediately, either by the procedure to repair the dent yourself, or by giving it to a professional, as now you have an idea of the dent repair cost. Best way is, prevent a dent, drive safely!!!