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How to Fix Windshield Wiper Problems

How to Fix Windshield Wiper Problems

If you are looking for some tips on fixing windshield wiper problems, this article will be an insightful read. Here, I provide you with troubleshooting guidelines on effectively dealing with windshield wiper issues.
Omkar Phatak
French Apprentice Driver
Visibility is the most important factor when driving a car. The device which ensures that you have a clear view of the road, even in bad weather conditions is the windshield wiper mechanism. It's essential that windshield wiper problems be taken care of, as soon as they crop up or you may find them failing right when you need them the most! You might have a car in good working condition, but if a thunderstorm hits suddenly and your wiper mechanism fails then sticking your bare hand out of the window to wipe your windshield and managing the steering wheel with the other, is not an exciting proposition to look forward to! Through this WheelZine article, I am going to help you out in troubleshooting windshield wiper problems on your own. Wiper mechanisms are simple enough to be fixed on your own. So if you are the do-it-yourself kind of a person, keep reading ahead to know all about fixing windshield wiper issues.

Common Windshield Wiper Problems and How to Fix Them

The windshield wiper mechanism is truly ingeniously designed. A motor mechanism provides the torque required for motion, which is transmitted via an intermeshed gear assembly. The wiper blades are designed such that the arm movement makes sure that windshield surface is wiped thoroughly. If you find that the wiper blades have stopped working, visually inspect for signs of damage on the wiper mechanism. Here are the things which you should check out primarily.

Blown Motor Fuse
The power required for the windshield wiper motor to function is supplied via a fuse mechanism. If it so happens that the fuse fails, the motor will stop working, stalling its function. So if you find the fuse to be blown out, getting it replaced is the only way out.

Wiper Switch Problems
The wiper action is initiated by the switch located near the steering wheel. It may happen that the switch blanks out and stops working due to mechanical anomaly. In such a case, get the switch replaced immediately.

Loose Wire Connections
Sometimes, you might discover that the reason for wiper motor failure is a wire that has come loose. Check the whole circuitry for loose wire problems and fix them back again to get the wiper back to work.

Wiper Motor Breakdown
One of the most common reasons for wiper movement failure is the breakdown of the device which provides the motive force for its working, that is the motor. If you have eliminated the wiper switch and fuse to be the source of the problem, it has to be the motor which has broken down. Remove the motor, test it and get it replaced if it's beyond repair.

Broken Wiper Linkages
Wiper linkage is the mechanism which transfers the torque provided by the motor to the arms. If the linkage is broken, the torque is not transferred and the wiper won't function. Check, if the wiper linkage is broken and get it replaced to restore it back to its oscillatory ways.

Bent Wiper Arms
In case the wiper arms are bent or not installed properly, there may be friction between the windshield wiper arms and the surface itself, which might be stalling its working. Bent or cracked wiper arms are best replaced.

These were the prime windshield wiper problems that you may have to deal with. It's good to be equipped with the troubleshooting know-how, which may come in handy during emergencies. So next time you find the windshield wiper arm stalling or any other problem with it, you know what to do! In case, you find it beyond your skill to diagnose what exactly has gone wrong, going to car repair professionals is an option which is always open.