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How to Install a Front License Plate

How to Install a Front License Plate

Why not learn how to install a front license plate on your own, so that you can cut down on the unnecessary expense? It's a handy skill to pick up, especially if you wish to have a customized license plate fixed onto your vehicle and do not want others doing the job for you.
Rohini Mohan
While some cars are sold to the clients with the license plates attached, many are sold without this privilege. So it becomes the owner's responsibility to get the work done. There are many places where you can get this work done by paying about 30 - 50 dollars, which seems like the safer option if you are not a DIY enthusiast or wouldn't prefer risking the idea of damaging your brand new car with your own hands! However, this is a great idea for those who wish to install a personalized license plate on their new car or even a not so new one!

#1- Installing a License Plate Without Drilling

Items Needed
  • License plate mount
  • Industrial quality loop locks
  • Weather strips
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Cutting plier
  • Glass pencil marker
  • Step 1- Requires that you mark the area on the nose of the car with a pencil while adjusting the license plate mount. Make sure it is right in the center and right below the nostrils of the car.
  • Step 2- Now take 2 loop locks and join them in order to make a longer loop lock. Repeat this procedure 4 - 8 times, so that you get 4 or 8 long loop locks. The number of long loop locks depends on your choice. The more the better, as it will keep the license plate held fast and secure.
  • Step 3- Now take one loop lock at a time and make it pass through the opening in the car's fender. Use a cutting-plier to pull the loop lock towards you. The ends to the lock must be facing you, as these will be needed to lock on to the license plate mount.
  • Step 4- Make sure you fix all the 4 loop locks within the original pencil markings on the fender.
  • Step 5- Now place the license plate mount on the fender of the car, and make the open loop locks pass through the appropriate gaps in the mount. Clamp the loop locks and seal the tips using duct tape. Use ample amounts of duct tape so that they are well secured.
  • Step 6- You will be required to fix the weather strips along the edges of the license plate mount, and cover all sides. The weather strips will ensure that the mount does not cause scratches on the surface of the fender, and absorbs any impact while driving.
  • Step 7- Now insert and fix your customized license plate onto the mount, and your drill-less license plate has been installed successfully!
#2- Installing a License Plate By Drilling

Items Needed
  • License plate bracket sold with bolts
  • Glass marking pencil
  • Measuring tape (optional)
  • Step 1- Measure the fender so that you mark the area exactly on the center of the car's fender. Or you could place the license plate bracket or mount and use a glass marker to mark the entry points for the 4 bolts. Ensure that the bracket is right in the center and immediately below the middle partition of the car's nostrils.
  • Step 2- Now place the bracket on the markings and drill the bolts into the markings, so that the plate looks properly balanced. You will need to do this simultaneously.
  • Step 3- Never drill the holes first and then fix the bracket, as this could cause an error in calculation, and cause the fender to get permanently ruined!!
  • Step 4- Once all the bolts have been fixed, simply insert the license plate into the bracket. The installation is complete!
You must be extremely confident and have adequate knowledge now on how to install a front license plate or the back bumper one. You will need to have a steady hand while using the drill, and you cannot afford to have a moment's lapse in concentration while working on this. If you still feel unsure, I suggest you get the work done by a professional.